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Range Bags.....For women...or for the softer males amoung us.

I ran accross this website. I don't know if it's been talked about before here nor not. But, some of you guys might have wives your looking for shooting stuff for. Here is the ...

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by purplefred2

A durable, sturdy and appropriate gun case is very essential for proper transportation of firearm from the range or the field. Guns too require proper care and handling like other tools and instruments. A gun, being a weapon of attack and defense, requires proper maintenance and handling as any malfunction ay some critical moment can lead to the loss of lives. Some common questions that are asked by all gun users especially those who are new to it are, what kind of case is best suited for the firearm, which materials to look for and what kind would offer the utmost protection? Is it better to go for a metal case or is a plastic or leather case best suited for the purpose? It should be noted that selection of gun case should depend upon the location of shooting and also the kind of object that is to be shot.

If the user’s job entails a lot of traveling, then his gun would require a case, which would provide maximum protection. In such a case a metal case is the answer, particularly if he frequently travels by air. It is important to invest in a good and sturdy metal case and not buy one from anywhere because of the cheap rate. A well-built metal case will have a very tough exterior and provide utmost protection to the expensive gun. When transferring luggage to and from the aircraft the airport staff may not be very careful and may inadvertently cause damage to the weapon. The use of a case made of soft material could prove to be disastrous. It may damage it and cause it to malfunction at some critical moment. So it is prudent to invest in an appropriate gun case made of metal.

It is quite amusing that many people discourage the use of metal cases. They promote the use of wooden boxes wrapped in canvas or leather. They have come to this conclusion after having conducted several tests. However one has to understand that the kind of protection that a metal case will offer will not be possible by any other material. The sheer toughness and durability of the material is enough to guarantee its safety when traveling.

Budget of course is an important consideration. If you are not in a position to spend a lot then a gun case made of plastic should serve the purpose. But it has to be remembered that plastic is suitable only if you are traveling a short distance or leaving the gun back home.
Now the problem arises when you are traveling far but do not posses a metal case. You are equipped with a plastic one. In that case instead of spending a considerable amount on a new metal case you can provide extra protection to the plastic one. Good quality thick foam comes very handy. An extra covering of this material would absorb all kinds of pressure exerted during carting of the gun.

It is always helpful to remain informed about the latest introductions into the market. Lot of products is launched with a lot of fanfare. Instead of being influenced by the advertising gimmicks the user should patiently weigh the pros and cons and then decide on whether to buy or not. Guns are very expensive. So an impulsive buy may not prove to be correct and may cause damage to the weapon. By saving a little you may actually be making way for a greater loss.

Browning is a reliable name in the business of gun cases. Their gun cases are sturdy, long lasting and smart looking. Their flexible series is available in different kinds of materials like leather, canvas etc. They are provided with durable zippers. For better shielding they are often padded with good quality padding material and consists of end caps and rubber guards. For better consolidation, the inner lining, the intermediate padding and the external casing are stitched and bonded with adhesive.

In 2008, Browning has come out with “ridge Case” with rubber cap for the muzzle. It is forty-four inches. The Santa Fe Flex model is also new. It is very attractive with leather trimming, flannel lining and a shell made of canvas. It is forty-eight inches in dimension and is provided with shell loops. Most of Browning’s gun cases are provided with protective rug and padlock to ensure the safety of guns. The company offers a warranty of ten years to the original buyer.
Another popular gun case from Browning is the “Flex Foam Buck Mark Pistol Case”. It is very slick and there is provision for carrying extra magazines in its two cavities. Dense foam padding protects its metallic surface.

For users traveling frequently, Browning’s molded or tough gun cases are very useful. They protect the guns from rough handling when one is traveling. The two models that are highly recommended for air travel are the Bruiser and the Mirage models. They have the capacity to carry one or even two guns. They have strong hinges, are double walled and have high-density foam padding. In case of Bruiser model recesses handles and wheels facilitate carting and they are provided with pull handles at the end.

The Deluxe cases are attributed with both strength and good looks. The corners and edges of most of these cases are trimmed with leather and the cases are covered with good quality, strong and lasting canvas, for example, Dura wax which is water repellent and Cordura.The new leather and canvas cases consist of wooden frame enveloped in leather bordered canvas with supple woolen lining.

Though various kinds of cases are available in the market, the buyer has to put in a lot of thought into his purchase. The product bought should cater to his specific requirements. Purchase of appropriate gun cases should be of prime importance, because on it may depend the users’ life and well being.

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