Cavalry Arms C1 Stock

The C1 fixed buttstock is an A1 size in length (5/8" shorter than an A2 stock) fixed polymer buttstock. The shorter overall length of pull makes it well equipped for use with body armor, heavy clothing and by shooters of smaller stature. Many owners also prefer the C1 Stock because it permits the shooter to easily assume a "nose to the charging hanle" unique cheek weld.

The C1 Stock has a considerably larger trap door compartment than that of similar AR15 buttstocks, due to the trap door compartment and the buffer tube channel that are formed in the mold. The unique sling swivel can be offset to either right or left as well as straight down.

The C1 Stock is made from injection molded glass filled nylon 6, and comes with our signature injection molded trap door / buttplate, shorter screw and sling swivel. (Generally all manufacturer's A1 / A2 buttplate assemblies are compatible with the C1.)

The C1 Fixed Buttstock comes in standard black, green or coyote brown.

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C1 Stock

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