M4-Pro Tactical Illuminator

The M4-PRO Tactical Illuminator is compatible with S&W's SIGMA Model "E" series with mounting rails. Snapping on or off the rail in under 2 seconds, makes the M-Series illuminators the first choice of individuals who want power and performance in white light illumination. The instant-on/steady-on switch is a standard feature on this 6 volt powerhouse. The M4-PRO enhances the functionality of your SIGMA "E" series handgun giving you single-handed, ultra powerful white light illumination.

*Dimensions: 3.4"L x 1.4"W x 2"H
*Weight: 4 oz with batteries
*Run Time:Minimun 60 minutes continuous
*Peak Output: 90+ lumens
*Range: 25 Meters
*Lamp Type: Tungsten halogen, xenon filled
*Battery type/Volts: Lithium (2), 6DC
Price: $119.95

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M4-Pro Tactical Illumination

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