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Stoned Geezers Java Joint & Morning Insane Asylum

Morning fellas, Up to take meds & make sure you guys were playing nice??? LOL gonna go crawl back under the nice warm blankie, (Don't tell Greg i said that) Ha, Ha

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Welcome to the site. There are a few women on here and we welcome you. Others will comment but I will say watch out for ebear. What state are you from?

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Howdy gents, I am back, close call this morning.

Howdy fellas, I am back, had to high tail it to the E-R this morning. Still kind of shook up, but so far I'm OK, Real hungry, need to eat so I will be back in a little bit.

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Dear Abby:

My husband has a long record of money problems. He runs up huge credit-card bills and at the end of the month, if I try to pay them off, he shouts at me, saying I am stealing his money. He says ...

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Proposed New Head of BATFE

I warned you that simply because “we” won the election in November, it didn’t mean the anti-gunners wouldn’t keep trying to steal our rights. Unfortunately, I was right. While you and I are ...

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ACE our resident little adopted sister...

RE: Ace If anybody is so inclined to send ACE something for Christmas to help her start up her gunsmithing venture. I have her address and the site for Brownell's Gift Certificates. Please let me ...

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"dream " act passes- the nightmare begins


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Stoned Geezers Java Joint & morning Insane Asylum

Morning HK, Nobile. I do believe the witches nips froze off last night. Can't wait for Monday and the teens. I know, it is 3 where you are.

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Need Advice

Working on a contract that i won and now the customer wants to change the specs and i have a feeling is trying to find a way out of the contract. Anyone certified to run CAT6 cable in VA that ...

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