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Closet dehumidifierKeep your firearms dry

Just a little tip for y'all on keeping the moisture out of your gun safes and cabinets. They make these closet dehumidifiers and they are essentially a huge desiccant pack. I get them at Wal-Mart ...

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Gun cabinets

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The importance of gun safes

Guns need to be stored safely, not only to prevent them from being stolen but also to prevent any tragic accident caused by handling of kids in the house. Gun safes are basically safe boxes in which guns are stored. Storing a gun in a gun safe ensures that kids cannot reach on to it and lay their hand on it. It also prevents any other unauthorized user to lay their hands on it and make any unlawful use of the gun.

Most of the gun safes are very secured as they come with high end security features such as fingerprint biometric scanning, voice activated lock, key entry etc. There are various built in locking systems which can be accessed only by the owner who knows how to access it. Gun safes also come with features such as fire resistant and water resistant.

Gun safes are available in various sizes and the size of the safe should be according to your collection of guns. Both smaller and bigger safes have their relevant advantages. While it is easy to hide a small safe under your bed or anywhere in the house, bigger safes are so heavy that it is hard to move them which gives them an extra feature of security.

Gun safes are easily available at all sporting goods stores which sell guns. Gun safes are also available online and there are lots of offers from manufacturers. Buyers looking for a gun safe can easily find good bargain over the internet. It is always better to make a comparison of various offers along with features and then decide upon which gun to buy.

While buying a gun safe, one must make sure of the following features in it:

You should be able to bolt down the gun safe in the floor. If it cannot be bolted down, it is prone to theft as clever thieves come with dollies to remove entire safe to a safe hidden place. In case the gun safe is bolted in the floor, the thief will not get sufficient time to unbolt it and remove it.

Try to find a gun safe which comes with a relocker. This feature ensures that if somebody breaks open the lock then it gets locked again automatically. This will make it complicated for the burglars to open the lock and kill time.

Buy a safe which has thick walls and doors. A safe locker must have at least 10 gauge thick wall and doors so that it is difficult to pierce through them. It is common to see lockers with thicker doors but thin bodies. You should avoid such safes as, burglars nowadays are smart enough to find out that the body of the safe is vulnerable and they try to pierce the body or the ceiling of the safe to make an opening in it rather then trying to break open the door and the lock. The steel which is used to make the safe must be of good quality so as to give a good resistance to the burglars who try to pierce through it.

Look for a security alarm in your safe. The safes which are fitted with security alarm are safer as the alarm goes off as soon as someone tries to break open the lock or the door. This will certainly put pressure on the burglar who is trying to break the safe and he is sure to run away the moment alarm beeps.

Make sure that there are no exposed hinges in the safe. If the hinges are exposed, no matter how strong they are, burglars are more comfortable in breaking the hinges. They break or remove the hinges in order to break open the door. You should always look for a gun safe in which there are no hinges exposed in the exterior and all the hinges are inside.

Some extra secured lockers come with a lock housing protection. In this the manufacturer adopts a technique to safeguard the housing of the lock so as the burglar cannot reach the lock when trying to break it open. They usually use angled plates or two plates with a ball bearing in between in order to deflect the drill from the lock in case someone tries to break it. This is a very useful feature and provides extra protection to the safe. If possible, you must look for this feature in your safe.

Lesser the number of welded seams, more secure is the safe. Exposed welded seams offer a chance to enter through them by cutting through the welding. Professional burglars look for such seams which can be broken rather than trying to break open the door. You must look for a gun safe which has the least number of welded seams in it.

Last but not the least feature which is also very important is the manufacturer’s warranty. A good manufacturer also repairs your safe for free if it is damaged in case someone has tried to break it open. So a reputed manufacturer’s warranty is a very important consideration while buying a gun safe.

Now, it is well understood that if you want to buy a super safe with all the high end security features, you have to shell out a hefty sum of money for that. In case you feel that your gun collection is not that precious and you are on a tight budget for the safe, you can also opt for buying a used safe. You should properly check out the features of the used safe and the lock to prevent any misrepresentation.

So, overall we can say that it is always better to get a gun safe as and when you buy a gun. A gun safe will relieve you from tension of protecting your gun and will make sure that your gun is not put into wrong hands. A proper gun safe stores the guns safely and also protects them from other natural wear and tear.

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