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Scope for a .22LR?

does anyone have any suggestions for the best scope with the most elevation and windage for a .22 LR. I don't want a typical scope because I'm going to push it beyond its normal limits. I want to ...

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Outstanding OPtical Quality Swarovski Scope

Hi, Have you ever used the HD models of Swarovski Spotting Scopes-containing fluoride lenses minimize color fringing (chromatic aberration) for contrast-rich images with razor-sharp outlines.? ...

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by purplefred2

Well, imagine this... Corporation was going to sell NV Optics to our budies in Pakistan

The only reason these assholes did not sell Pakistan Night Vision Optics on the level of the best NV issued to US troops is because of a Medal of Honor recipient! Can you imagine the only reason ...

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the nikon m-223 scope

I saw an article in an AR-15 mag today at publix and it was raving about this scope(m223), they are built and designed for AR's which brings me in even more to this, I love nikon products, great ...

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Nikon M223 3-12x42 BDC $300.00 cash, worth it? Anyone shoot through one of these?

Specifications for Nikon M-223 3-12 x 42SF Water Proof Rifle Scope: ----------------------------------------------- Actual Magnification: 3x-12x Effective Objective Diameter: 42mm Exit Pupil ...

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Bedding a rifle scope video

Bedding a rifle scope is important to accuracy, this video show you an easy way to make your money go a long ways. This is a 4 part video on bedding a rifle scope. Again if you spend 1000 bucks ...

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by fletcho
by Doc2233

Benefits and features of Rifle scopes

Rifle scopes are a type of optical devices which are fitted on rifles. The main function of the rifle scope is to magnify the target and its surrounding areas so as to present a clear vision to the shooter so that he is able to produce a better aim and an accurate shot. So, they can also be termed as a type of binoculars fitted on the gun. By enabling to see the target clearly and easily, rifle scopes even enable shooters with less than perfect eye vision to have a good view of the target. So, Rifle scopes are useful for various types of people who use gun or rifles such as hunters, military man, law officer, cops etc. In order to achieve accuracy in your gun shot, rifle scopes are very useful.

The main advantages related to use of rifle scopes are discussed here. Rifle scopes enable you to shoot in larger range to a far away target. As rifle scopes magnify your target object you are able to see far away targets more clearly and thus obtain a more accurate shot. A rifle scope also enables the shooter to estimate the distance between him and the target more accurately. Using a rifle scope, you can recover more quickly after every shot. By magnifying the target, rifle scopes help you identify the target more accurately and obtain an accurate shot thus benefiting lots of personnel who are engaged in military and law enforcement departments. Rifle scopes are used by sports person in shooting games for long range shootings.

The rifle scope should match the gun and its ammunition type. Rifle scopes generally consists of the following- an ocular lens, power ring, eyepiece, exit pupil, wind age adjustment, elevation adjustment, objective lens and the objective bells. The lens of the rifle scopes are coated with optical coatings in order to preserve light. This coating helps the scope to achieve more light which gives better light, thus resulting in a better color and contrast resolution. There are many types of Rifle scopes available in the market. While buying the same, you should pay attention to its various features as a good rifle scope has many benefits and will increase the pleasure of using the gun.

Different types of rifle scopes have varying prices. The amount you should spend on the scope depends upon the purpose for which you use the gun. Deciding upon the budget is an important consideration before selecting a rifle scope.

The size of the lens is also an important consideration. A bigger lens will provide visibility in higher range and will cover more area than the smaller ones. If you use your rifle for hunting in low light conditions such as at day break or dusk, then a more powerful and larger lens is recommended. But if you only use the rifle during daylight then a smaller lens will serve your purpose.

It is always better to opt for an all purpose lens such as those of Nikon rifle scopes which provides an edge to edge crystal clear view and are coated with anti reflective compounds and provides a clear vision in all climatic conditions. The quality of the lens must be selected according to the weather conditions in which you use the rifle. If you go out for hunting in rain than it is advisable to select a rifle scope with water repellent lens such as the Bushnell Rifle Scopes which have water repellent lens and are an ultimate choice in rainy conditions.

The power setting of the lens of the scope is also important. You should check the power setting properly, as for viewing the target distinctly, a large power setting is important. It determines the image quality and brightness. The level of magnification of the lens should be easily adjustable and should have a wide range so as to give an opportunity to shoot both closer and distant targets. For close hunting a lens with lower magnification power is required whereas for distant targets higher magnification power offers more clarity. Likewise the exit pupil is also a determining feature which determines the clarity and brightness of the target. You should properly check the same as per your requirements. The level of adjustment available in the rifle scope must be checked and must satisfy your needs.

The most important point to be kept in mind while looking for a rifle scope is its warranty. No matter how reliable manufacturer is offering the same, you must always look for scopes which come with manufacturer’s warrant. Even scopes from very reliable brands can have some problem which can be a factory defect. In such cases the warranty will ensure that they are replaced free of cost. Even if some defect is developed during operation you can get it repaired free of cost within the warranty period.

Rifle scopes are available very easily in the stores which sell rifles and other accessories for guns. Various rifle scopes are also available in the online stores where different manufacturers offer their products at a reasonable price. You can also find all details related to rifle scopes and their features over the internet. So when you decide to buy a rifle scope do a thorough research over the internet, keeping the above discussed features and their related benefits in mind. You must also keep in mind that higher price tag does not always ensure better quality. So if you put in some efforts and research a bit, then you may find a very good rifle scope at a reasonable price. The foremost important thing is the suitability, and you must check the scope by putting it on your rifle and looking through it so as to make sure that it suits you. IF you have a clear picture of what you expect from your rifle scopes and look for those features in it, then you are sure to figure out the best scope for your rifle.

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