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by purplefred2

Trijicon Night SightsCheap price please?

Now I know I am probably asking to much but I shall ask anyway. I own a Smith&Wesson M&P 45 (best gun ever) and I am in the market for trijicon night sights and also would like to own a ...

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Sig Sauer Mini Red DotAnyone Own/Have Used the Sig Red Dot?

I'm considering purchasing the Sig Sauer Mini Red Dot Sight to go on an AR-15. Has anyone used this sight? Any opinions on it? Or any suggestions for a better sight? The Mini Red Dot is 199.99 ...

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Target Shooting Advice Needed - Reflex Red Dot or Open Sights

I am looking for any advice you folks can give me on target shooting and what sights to use. I am using a 1911A1 clone from Rock Island Armory. It is a 9mm Tactical with Novak style sights ...

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Anyone ever heard of the MARS sight? If so what do ya know about them. I just rand across it on Wikipedia and was wondering if anyone ever used it or is it strictly military sights?

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if your in the market for some good shooting glasses,check here before their 2011 price increase

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