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Bipod reviews please

Gentlemen, I am in the market for a bipod, the caliber of rifle is .338 Lapua. Harris, Atlas, and GGGAZ have my attention. Has anyone had extensive use with any or all of these bipods? In ...

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Class 3 Tax Stamp? We Don't Need No Stinkin Tax Stamp!

Why go through the hassle of filling out ATF forms and paying $200 or more when you can just get a buttstock from SlideFireSolutions. I was told about this when I picked up my Mossberg ...

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Tactical Stock for 10/22

I am going to give my 10/22 the tactical look. What is everyones take on stocks? I have been looking at Christie, but not sure. I like some of the reviews on the quality, but like with everything ...

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Argintine Mauser

I recently inherited about 17 rifle's one that just stuck out in the bunch is an argintine mauser can anyone give me some advice on sporterizing it maybe a new stock i'm told many mausers are very ...

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TAPCO Products

Looking for opinions on TAPCO products.......anyone used them? Mainly insterested in there products for the AK. I'am going to add better products like Midwest, and Magpul in the future, but for ...

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by GlockMan

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