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HK MSG-90 PictureHK MSG-90

The Heckler & Koch MSG-90 is designed and produced by the German company Heckler and Koch as a military semi-automatic sniper rifle. 'MSG-90' stands for the German words "Militärisches Scharfschützen Gewehr" which in English is translated as "Military Sharpshooter (Sniper) Rifle". The "90" in the name stands for its first year in production.

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HK PSG1 PictureHK PSG1

The HK PSG-1 is a German sniper rifle designed and manufactured by the German company Heckler & Koch. The PSG stands for the German words "Präzisions-Scharfschützen-Gewehr". In English, the German words mean "precision sniper rifle". The sniper rifle is a semi-automatic weapon.

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The HK P9 is a semi-automatic pistol produced and manufactured by Heckler & Koch in 9mm Parabellum.

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The HK SP89 (Acronym for Sport Pistole M1989, or specifically "Sporting Pistol, Model 1989") is marketed for sporting use as a semi-automatic, "civilian" version of the Heckler & Koch MP5K.

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HK MP5K Left SideHK MP5K

The MP5K (German: Maschinenpistole 5 Kurz, Machine Pistol 5, Short) was designed and is manufactured as a submachine gun by Heckler & Koch a German arms manufacturing company.

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HK MP5 Right SideHK MP5

The Heckler & Koch or commonly known as HK MP5 is within a family of closed bolt submachine guns manufactured and developed by Heckler & Koch (HK) of German in the 1960s.

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