.280 Remington

The .280 Remington, also known as the 7 mm Express Remington, was introduced in 1957 for the Remington model 740, 760, 721 and 725 rifles. The .280 is based on the .30-06 Springfield necked down to accept 7 mm (.284in) bullets, with the neck moved forward .050in (1.27mm).

Having been released 32 years after the.270 Winchester and having no particular advantage over its predecessor, it had somewhat unspectacular sales; Remington renamed the cartridge in 1979, calling it the 7 mm Express in an attempt to increase sales. This resulted in people confusing it with the 7 mm Remington Magnum and Remington eventually changed the name back to .280 in 1981.

The .280 Remington is capable of developing energy nearly equal to the .30-06 Springfield, but with lighter bullets having a better ballistic coefficient. Thus, the .280 has a better trajectory and retains more energy downrange. However, the .30-06 produces more energy than the .280 with bullets heavier than 180 grains. The .280 is suitable for hunting any game in North America.

SAAMI pressure limit for the .280 Remington is set at 60,000 PSI, 50,000 CUP.

Most American rifle and ammunition manufacturers catalogue the .280 Remington.

The .280 Remington is not popular in Europe, where it competes with the 7 x 64, to which it is almost ballistically identical. When compared to the .280 Remington the 7 x 64 has a slightly higher maximum allowed chamber pressure and as a European 7 mm cartridge has a slightly larger bore. European 7 mm cartridges all have 7.24 mm (0.285 in) grooves Ø diameter. American 7 mm cartridges have 7.21 mm (0.284 in) grooves Ø.

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