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Kelly for Congress needs help!

Kelly for Congress needs help!

Fri, May 14, 2010 10:26:36
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Dear samD,

This is Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I need your help to secure our border!

The open borders policy perpetuated by the do-nothing, pro-amnesty politicians have brought drugs, home invasions and murders to our neighborhoods. Good people, just like you and me, are scared to let their children play outside. We must secure our border!

That is why I am strongly endorsing Jesse Kelly for Congress.

Jesse is the only candidate in Congressional District 8 that I trust to secure the border and fight against the radical Obama-Pelosi agenda. If you like what I've done in Arizona as America's toughest Sheriff, then you will love what Jesse will do in Washington!

Will you help me support Jesse by contributing $25 to his campaign?

Some of my friends have sent him $50, $100, $1000 or even the maximum $2400!

While California and other states have border fences to successfully curb the violence, a gaping hole remains in Arizona. Rep. Giffords and her pro-amnesty pals in Washington have done nothing to ensure the safety of our citizens. Jesse has vowed to fight for tough immigration laws and, most importantly, complete the double-layer border fence. That's why Jesse has also been endorsed by Rep. Duncan Hunter, Rep. Tom Tancredo and Bay Buchanan's Team America PAC. Here's what they've said about Jesse:

"Jesse is exactly what we need in Congress...a fiscal conservative who believes the borders must be secured..."

-Team America PAC

Jesse's business experience, Marine combat service and conservative family values brought me to southern Arizona to campaign for him, but he needs your support. Jesse faces a primary opponent who is being funded by pro-amnesty, open-borders politicians, and he has a record of voting for Janet Napolitano's budgets that bankrupted our state. That's why your donation of $25 dollars or more is so important to ensure conservative victory in 2010.

Please join me in sending Jesse Kelly to Congress today by contributing to his campaign. Together, we will secure our borders and take our country back!


Sheriff Joe Arpaio

P.S. Fight back and secure our borders by DONATING TO JESSE KELLY TODAY!

Kelly for Congress | P.O. Box 89520 | Tucson | AZ | 85752

.Sheriff Joe Arpaio


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all day everyday

Phoenix police rescue kidnapped woman linked to smuggling family
Michael Ferraresi - May. 14, 2010 08:56 AM
The Arizona Republic

Phoenix police arrested six people suspected of kidnapping a 22-year-old woman whose family was linked to a group of drug-smugglers accused of running as much as 70 bales of marijuana into Arizona each week from Mexico.

Karely Sauceda had been missing since May 5. After a week of surveillance and negotiations for her release, members of the Phoenix Police Home Invasion Kidnapping Unit tracked the victim to a south Phoenix home, investigators said.

Sauceda was rescued about 7 a.m. Thursday from a home in the 7200 block of South 46th Lane, in a neighborhood northeast of Baseline Road and 51st Avenue.

Lt. Lauri Burgett said investigators tracked the victim after searching for five hours early Thursday morning, linking suspects to multiple locations after making an initial arrest.

Detectives were investigating possible links to other Valley home invasions and kidnappings, Burgett said.

"They definitely knew their game," said Burgett, who oversees the HIKE unit. "It's a chess game, it's tense."

Phoenix police arrested five adults and a 17-year-old male on suspicion of charges ranging from kidnapping and extortion to auto theft.

Hilda Gutierrez, 29; Carlos Aguilar, 28; Jose Luna-Valenzuela, 22; Sergio Castaneda, 18; and Oscar Grijalva, 18; were among those arrested Thursday at two locations in Phoenix.

The 17-year-old suspect faces charges of home invasion, kidnapping, extortion, armed robbery, auto theft and aggravated assault.

Police believe the group is linked to an April kidnapping of a drug-smuggling suspect who was held for a $500,000 ransom over a 1,300-pound marijuana debt, according to HIKE.

Sauceda was taken last week from her mother's home near Indian School Road and 56th Avenue after a group of armed men broke into the home demanding drugs and cash. They took Sauceda as her 17-year-old sister watched and protected an infant, police said.

Throughout the day, detectives learned of several ransom demands as the kidnappers insisted "they wanted what was taken from them," according to HIKE.

Sauceda's mother, Sovieda Sauceda Medina, 38, and Medina's boyfriend, Francisco Lopez, 21, are "involved in both human and drug smuggling," according to HIKE investigators.

Sauceda, according to police, had the mental capacity of a 12-year-old. She was not seriously injured in the kidnapping, police said.

Read more:

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greg az

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Think we all read the post yesterday that had Phoenix second only to Mexico city in the numbers game.. I remember the total was well over one per day.. We don't watch local news much, with kids in the valley the local news gets to be the murder, or home invasion report, and more than once we've gone to bed worried..So nope.. rather here about how thier getting ready to turn the gulf coast into a lube pit..

Obviously we all know the kidnapping deal is drug related. but i will tell you guys one story that Reap or Sam might remember that didn't make the national news.. This was last summer, and one home was shot up by what the neighbors all said was Mexican military.. who knows, no one was caught, and it could have been drug gangs, who are ex or current Mexican military.

At any rate.. it was squad levil action and tactics. all wearing black, and all same caliber .762 (least that's what the local radio said the next day) the number of holes was the deal, Reap or someone correct me if im wrong but i believe thier were like 500 rounds are more fired. I know that sounds unbelievable, but i remember telling my wife at the time that it worked out to all of them firing 3 to 4 magazines each..

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