Ruger Scout Rifle

New from Ruger a .308 Scout Rifle
Ruger just released the specs on their new Scout Rifle, which to me looks like a Scout Rifle that I’d actually buy. The original concept for the Scout was a .308 caliber rifle that was light enough to haul around, but capable of delivering fight stopping hits out to 300 yards. The Steyr Scout cost about a jillion dollars, while the new Ruger Scout Rifle comes in at about $1000 for MSRP, which means street price should be lower. The gun feeds from Accuracy International .308 magazines, has a 16.5 inch barrel, adjustable length of pull, and honestly is kind of sexy looking for a rifle. It looks like a bolt action M14, and that’s kind of cool. The other thing about it that I like is that the flash hider is removable and can be replaced with any muzzle brake device that would fit standard AR type rifles. With a 7 pound bolt action .308, that’s not a bad idea Photobucket


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l think this is a awsome rifle and has some great features in AUS the muzzle cage is illegal so it is not on the AUS model

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