Sniper kill with an M1D 1967 Nam

USMC Sniper story

USMC Sniper story

USMC Sniper story.

I waited till Vaughn Nickell gave the okay to tell the story of his shot with the M1 D at Phu Loc 6, Jan 1967. Confirmed by a Platoon from 2/5. It was the longest kill, 1100 Meters plus (1203 yds.) using the M 1D.

The outpost was manned by a Company from 2nd Battalion 5th Marines, and the Company Commander’s concern was that he had started to hear that some of the Marines were teasing Charlie and challenging him to shoot. The unfortunate thing was they didn't know where he was going to show up. And, the unfortunate thing for 6 O'clock Charlie was that after slightly wounding a teasing Marine in the back side, the Marines at Phu Loc 6 got their own Sniper team.

Aside from other duties the Sniper team of Ron Willoughby and Vaughn "Nick" Nickell would start to hunt Charlie each evening around 6PM, moving to different locations each night. One evening in Mid January 1967, Ron had been called away briefly by the Company Commander. He left the Sniper weapon, a M1D, with Vaughn. When a call came from another location on the hill saying that they thought they saw Charlie, Vaughn grabbed the rifle an took off toward the location. Sure enough after looking through his scope,( a 4power fixed scope) he saw 6 O'clock Charlie 1,100 meters out positioning himself for the evening attack. Not having time to make any sight adjustments Vaughn got himself into a firing position. Using one of the Marines as a spotter he fired, the first shot was slightly to the left and about 3 feet short. The second shot kicked up dirt right next to 6 O'clock Charlie. Now realizing that someone had him in his site, Charlie started to make his move to get out of harms way when the third shot rang out dropping Charlie in his tracks. It was an excellent 1,100 meter shot on a cold rainy day by Vaughn Nickell at Phu Loc 6 using the M1D.

Time of Charlie's death - 6 o'clock. Body and weapon recovered.

as told by Ron Willoughby

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