Surprise, Arizona weapons ban targets bow, blow-gun use

What next water balloons?

What next water balloons?

Surprise weapons ban targets bow, blow-gun use
Lily Leung - Sept. 19, 2008 08:45 AM
The Arizona Republic
An expanded weapons ordinance sponsored by the Surprise Police Department is one step closer to becoming law.

It is already illegal for anyone to discharge a firearm within city limits, but police are trying to lengthen the list of banned weapons to include bows and arrows, crossbows and blow guns.

The Surprise City Council unanimously passed the first reading of the ordinance, Municipal Code 34-73, at last Thursday's council meeting.
According to the council item, Surprise police have been called out to incidents in which residents use those weapons to target-shoot within city limits. Blow guns, also known as blow tubes or blowpipes, are simple weapons that fire darts or other light projectiles.

"All of these items, if used improperly and recklessly, have the potential to cause the same damage/injury as a firearm as defined in Arizona Revised Statutes," the ordinance states.

It adds: "This amendment will allow Surprise Police Officers to take immediate and swift action when these types of incidents arise."

If the new ordinance becomes law, the bows and blow guns could not be used within city limits except at target ranges intended for that purpose.

Weapons mentioned in the original ordinance that cannot be fired within city limits includes BB guns, air guns, pellet guns, dart guns, slingshots and gas-operated guns.

Assistant City Manager Kathy Rice said the second reading of the ordinance will be presented at the next council meeting, next Thursday.

This is ridiculous.
Surprise is a newer 55+ community with alot of East Coast Liberal snowbirds moving in....

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some places

In some places its illegal to shoot a low powered air-soft gun. What has our country come too.....

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