Why Women Must Arm Themselves

Whether we as a society will admit it or not, women have generally been and will generally be the victims of violence, often caused in most cases at the hands of men.

Whether we as a society will admit it or not, women have generally been and will generally be the victims of violence, often caused in most cases at the hands of men.

The all too common and sad history of warfare concerns the destruction of the enemy and rape and pillaging of the enemies women. The size of the attacker vs. the size of the victim has a lot to dow with the outcome. Men are generally, much stronger and larger than women, and even a smaller man tends to be stronger than a larger woman.

"God did not make all men equal, Colonel Colt did," is a common old wester saying referring to Colonel Colt, the handguns manufacturer. Generally speaking, the smallest person can wound and even kill a much larger and even largest person with a well aimed and fired shot from a firearm, male or female. There is a book on the market, by Paxton Quigley entitled Staying Alive - Armed and Female in an Unsafe World. Quigley clearly admits in her novel that she is a liberal thinking woman with a Masters Degree from the University of Chicago in Anthropology. Chicago is an anti-gun city and University of Chicago is an anti-gun university. Quigley's attitude quickly change after a friend of hers was savagely raped.

Her change of feelings towards gun possession after experiencing personal violence is not at all uncommon among both sexes. The State of Illinois has long had extremely strict gun laws that include a waiting period, however after this occurrence Quigley and her friends attempted to purchase a handgun.

Quigley's book concerns the facts about being fully prepared to meet and correctly react to the dangers a woman possibly faces in this turbulent world. Nothing communicates "NO!" to a potential attacker more persuasively than a fully loaded firearm in the hands of a well trained male or female shooter. This shooter must be prepared psychologically and physically if violence were to escalate in the defense of the family or individual.

Quigley and we clearly advocate that nothing illegal should ever be done with the firearm. Also, if a purchase is made, then it must be made legally, it must be transported and shot legally in order to defend yourself and family in a legally prescribed manner.

Proper training is always an essential key to anyone including a woman effectively and correctly learning how to shoot and carry a firearm for personal and home protection. You should seek a professionally licensed trainer with references. Forums are a good place to start.

A significant amount of date indicates that women tend to be much more trainable when teaching how to fire a weapon. This is because many women don't enter this new activity in their life with pre-conceived ideas about firearms which many men tend to do.

As stated above, start in forums and ask questions, next find a good gun range with a qualified instructor and take a class. Shooting is somewhat not a cheap activity, however has a very high value in terms of peace of mind and protection of you and your loved ones. There are 36 states that allow law abiding citizens to carry a concealed firearm. For many women this is supreme empowerment and protection and will help you control your own safety.

Some statistics from Quigley's book state that about 26,000 homicides occur in the United States each year. 90% of these homicides are committed by men. Additionally, Quigley stated that each year 4,000 American women are murdered. Most of these murders are committed by men. Women must take a stance to protect themselves for their own personal safety. Even married women must remember that fifty percent of US marriages will end in divorce and that self protection is a must.

For your safety and the safety of your loved ones, you must never rely on someone else. Protect yourself. Aim Correctly and Practice!

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