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Beretta PX4 storm

Forum topic: 3 years 4 weeks ago - Has anyone shot a Beretta PX4 storm, what did you think about the gun likes dislikes, or what you like better thats comparable Read More »

beretta px4 storm .40

Forum topic: 3 years 11 weeks ago - Looking at picking this one up for CC. What are yalls thoughts? Read More »

Baretta Extrema 2 shot gun

Forum topic: 3 years 48 weeks ago - Tim Bradley is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL Some time ago, one of his buddies videotaped him throwing a golf ball in the air, then keeping it in the air with a .22 pistol until the clip was empty! The tape was sent to Bennelli (Beretta's parent ... Read More »

Starter HandgunWhat's a good starter handgun?

Forum topic: 4 years 12 weeks ago - Hello All. I'm considering buying a hand gun for home protection. I don't want a large gun. But want a mediun to small caliber like a ..25 or , or 9MM or even a .40. Maybe a Glock or Beretta Automatic. Where do I first go to seek a ... Read More »

Do Stoger attachments exist?

Forum topic: 4 years 21 weeks ago - Does anyone know of a website to purchase attachments (Flashlights,sights,etc.) and maybe new grips for the 9mm Stoger Cougar? The .9mm does not have the rail like the .45 does (not sure why).Also considering the similarities between this and the ... Read More »

I wouldn't buy it

Gun Review: 6 years 29 weeks ago - I am telling you right now, there is one good place for this weapon and it ain't in my collection. Read More »

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RS 200
Beretta 92
Factory Od Beretta 92fs
Woman saves her self from Grizzly attack with a .25 Beretta
Beretta R.S. 200 12 gauge
Beretta 85f .380 Ambi controls, unfired
Beretta 92
On Bud's Forums the question came up: what is the smallest caliber you trust

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