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Gotta go, long day tomorrow

Forum topic: 4 years 28 weeks ago - One of my houses finally got vacated by deadbeats so I'll spend a day cleaning it and who knows how long trying to cut the grass. Several clumps are 4 feet tall. If it weren't for that damn 'dillo I'd a been in bed long ago. Good night guys Read More »

Great Scott Guys, I Just Made A Big Mess

Forum topic: 4 years 28 weeks ago - I just went outside to have a look for Armadilloes. It's been a heck of a long time since I've seen one. Just outside my garage door the little bugger was digging and wandering around. I was not expecting to find one so the only thing I had to ... Read More »

im mad as hell!!!

Forum topic: 4 years 28 weeks ago - NJ Passaic county PD told me i will have to wait 3 months for my 2nd hand gun permit i think this is BS are there NJ residents that can give me a hint on what to do to speed up the process Read More »


Forum topic: 4 years 29 weeks ago - http://www.makarov.com/makfaq.html Ok got mine yrs ago new shot it once clean it when needed.Are they bad?WE have talked about them before. Read More »

Greg's range report

Forum topic: 4 years 29 weeks ago - It's after 12:30AM and no range report from Bro. Greg. I got the impression he was taking his Webley out for a test drive. I've not even held a Webley, don't know how they heft or what recoil is comparable to. Here's hoping all went well. As for ... Read More »

Who shoots 10mm?

Forum topic: 4 years 30 weeks ago - Got an itch for a 10mm recently and am wondering who shoots them and what they think of them. Choices appear somewhat limited, I dont want (another) Glock, I have one Tanfoglio gun that I don't like much and so don't want another. The S&W ... Read More »

Del-Ton DT Sport review

Gun Review: 4 years 31 weeks ago - Fun, accurate shooter Read More »

G-Kid & Remington 597

Forum topic: 4 years 32 weeks ago - G-kid brought his Mother's Remington 597 here for me to help him clean it. The gun has not been subjected to cleaning gear for who knows how long. They bought it in a pawn shop. Anyway, I stood back and make an occasional suggestion but for ... Read More »

An oldie, but a damn good question...

Forum topic: 4 years 32 weeks ago - Are you a Democrat, a Republican, or a Redneck? Here is a little test that will help you decide. The answer can be found by posing the following question: You're walking down a deserted street with your wife and two small ... Read More »

Armed citizen in Texas becomes instrumental in taking out a deranged killer

Forum topic: 4 years 33 weeks ago - http://deadlinelive.info/2012/08/07/armed-citizen-in-tx-stops-shooting-spree-and-saves-cop-by-making-150-yard-shot-with-a-pistol/ Read More »


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Talk about rifles, handguns and any other type of firearm here.
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Talk about pocket knives, hunting knives and all other types of knives.
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Learn how to carry and use a firearm safely and effectively.
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We love our guns and we love our girls. Share your pics comments and topics.
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