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Colt AR-15

Gun Review: 2 years 38 weeks ago - The AR-15 Is consider the Barbie doll of all the firearms. There are numerous scopes, sights, and optics you can put on a AR-15. You can tailor the firearm to your specific needs. The AR-15 was first built by ArmaLite as a selective fire assault ... Read More »

FailZero greaseless parts

Forum topic: 2 years 39 weeks ago - Came across this website: I do not know anything about it. Has anyone had dealings with them. I am intrigued, especially after the recent discussions about lubrication. thank you clint Read More »

I have a old Browning Hi-Power

Forum topic: 2 years 39 weeks ago - I have an old Browning Hi-Power that has been passed down. I Tring to get info on it like, when it was made and where its been. Is there any where I could look? the serial number is only 4 digits #T## Can anyone help? Read More »

M14/M1A chassis system and accessories

Forum topic: 2 years 39 weeks ago - Juggernaut Tactical is having a sale, and Us Tactical is distributing the Juggerbrake, used on AR and M1A style rifles. If you are ... Read More »

New Gun Ideas

Forum topic: 2 years 39 weeks ago - Hello, GS. Long time no see. Been getting pounded at work lately. I hesitate to say, for fear of calling down the thunder, but it looks like the load is lightening. I thought about catching up on all the posts, but there's no way I could. So if I ... Read More »

“National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act of 2012” introduced in US Senate

Forum topic: 2 years 39 weeks ago - Today, March 13, U.S. Senators Mark Begich (D-Alaska) and Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) introduced S. 2188, the “National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2012.” The bill is the Senate companion to H. R. 822, which was approved by the U. ... Read More »

After the Shooting, by Tupreco. What should you do?

Forum topic: 2 years 39 weeks ago - Your bedside clock says 3:40 a.m. You have just awakened to a sound like breaking glass. You pick up the phone to call 911 but the line is dead. It’s dark in the house and you ease out of bed to retrieve your handgun from the closet safe just ... Read More »

QOD for consideration 3/11/12

Forum topic: 2 years 40 weeks ago - "Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction, such as at a hippie or a communist. And no matter how responsible he seems, never give your gun to a monkey." Read More »

All hail gun guys

Forum topic: 2 years 40 weeks ago - Gotta question? I am wanting to rebuild my dads 1911 now on the main spring (the big one) what is the difference the 10lb, 14lb so on and so on. Thats the only part that needs to be replaced Read More »

Norinco SKS Model?

Forum topic: 2 years 40 weeks ago - How to determine the model of a Norinco SKS? Read More »


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