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Forum topic: 5 years 39 weeks ago - In 2010 there were 9 million veterans age 65 and older. That is 9 million guntoting, god fearing, cranky old sonsabitches who will defend this country til their last breath. Stay out of our way you liberal, pink panty wearing, snot nosed ... Read More »

need to break down and clean my 380 help dont know how

Forum topic: 5 years 40 weeks ago - i have a L380 and need to break it down and clean it but i am a window now its not been cleaned since2008 the maker is LorcinL380 auto does or will anyone please help me it is jamming from not cleaning love shooting it. should have learned but ... Read More »

Dickson 22 Magnum Cheyenne

Forum topic: 5 years 40 weeks ago - I have a Dickson 22 Magnum Revolver Cheyenne model w/ serial # 29537. On the cylinder there are numbers 66 and what looks like a leaf. Does anyone have any knowledge of this gun? Have heard it was manuf. by Rohm in Germany?????? How much is it worth? Read More »

new gun stock

Forum topic: 5 years 40 weeks ago - im looking to buy a better stock for my savage 110fp. what would be a good stock and where could i order one? Read More »

K 98 = Mitchell's Mausers

Forum topic: 5 years 40 weeks ago - wondering if any one has used this site or knows any thing good or bad about it? need your toughs.............................TY Read More »

shoot around corners gun sight

Forum topic: 5 years 41 weeks ago - I was at my gun store this morning checking on an order, the manager brought over a shotgun with one of these: installed on it. My first thought was gimmick! But after playing with it a bit, I can see the merits for a ... Read More »

Savage 212 Bolt action slug gun.Bolt action shottys are on the rise again

Forum topic: 5 years 41 weeks ago - You could find them here and there, but it looks like they are making a big come-back. Savage has a 212 model and Browning has brought back the A-Bolt shotgun. What do you think? Personally, it's just weird to have a bolt action shotgun. I ... Read More »

In Search of Pistol

Forum topic: 5 years 41 weeks ago - I am having some trouble in finding a pistol that I really like. I am looking for a good pistol that is accurate with the desire to compete in match competitions in the future. I bought a S&W M&P 9mm and it was nice except for i kept havin issues ... Read More »

Magpul shotgun

Forum topic: 5 years 41 weeks ago - Those of you that are fortunate enough to get to SHOT Show this year might be able to see the new hardware for the Remington 879 from Magpul Industries. Here is the link to their website: ... Read More »

Christiansen Arms

Forum topic: 5 years 41 weeks ago - Read More »


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