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Forum topic: 5 years 42 weeks ago - Got something I know nothing about, but want to know if any of ya'll do. I have a customer that came in today that's built an AR15 from a kit, purchased from a company called Blackthorn out of maybe Minnesota, (the customer thinks??) He has ... Read More »

Bersa Thunder .380

Gun Review: 5 years 43 weeks ago - The perfect .380 if you are like me and can't afford a Walther, especially since they share a lot of the same qualities as the much higher priced Walther. Not a beautiful gun, but the price is right and the Thunder .380 is extremely ... Read More »

S&W Sigma Series 9mm

Forum topic: 5 years 43 weeks ago - Was just wondering if anyone had one of these pistols or had anything to say about their performance, reliability, etc. In decent condition, what might be the MSRP on a used one thats in almost new condition? Read More »

S&W Governor Revolver

Forum topic: 5 years 43 weeks ago - I saw the S&W Governor in some magazine not too long ago, and I was just wondering if anybody on this site had one yet or if they have even been placed on the market yet. If you have one or know somebody who does, please let me know about any ... Read More »

info about a SKS made by Norinco

Forum topic: 5 years 44 weeks ago - My uncle brought this home from Germany and iI am looking for more info on it? Read More »

spas 12 need sell in great shape with foldind stock and hook

Forum topic: 5 years 44 weeks ago - need to sell my great spas12 with folding stock with hook cam email me @ [email protected] Read More »

Range Report, 1911

Forum topic: 5 years 44 weeks ago - I have handled and shot a seemingly endless variety of 1911s---WW II Colts and those made by many manufacturers contracted by the miitary to increase the needed production during WW II, those issued to my National Guard unit circa the Korean War, ... Read More »

30 cal pistol

Forum topic: 5 years 44 weeks ago - For years I have seen them at the gun shows but can not any info on them on the net ( lol ) and was wondering if any of you have seen,own,shot,or know about them? I know that RUGER makes one in SA.. Am thinking ( could be wrong ) that it takes ... Read More »

Yes this engine does have a gun mounted to it.

Forum topic: 5 years 44 weeks ago - Baad Ass. You will need to click on this or cut & paste it to open. But it is cool. http://jalopnik.com/5863523/the-most-badass-engine-of-all-time?utm_source=Jalopnik+Newsletter&utm_campaign=5eff607cce-UA-142218-9&utm_medium=email Read More »

Three sisters

Forum topic: 5 years 45 weeks ago - Some of my AR-15's (that's right Nitris, I'm knocking on your door)........Hardly, and we won't speak of the AK variants.......I got you in my sights bud (all be it at about ten miles)....LOL! Read More »


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Introduce yourself to the community and meet fellow gun enthusiasts.
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by tallguy007
Talk about rifles, handguns and any other type of firearm here.
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by nightfire
Talk about pocket knives, hunting knives and all other types of knives.
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Learn how to carry and use a firearm safely and effectively.
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Discuss various issues involving civil rights and the right to bear arms.
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We love our guns and we love our girls. Share your pics comments and topics.
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This is the place to grab a cold one and relax. Everything and anything goes here.
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Suggestions, questions and news regarding GunsLot
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