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Three sisters

Forum topic: 6 years 2 days ago - Some of my AR-15's (that's right Nitris, I'm knocking on your door)........Hardly, and we won't speak of the AK variants.......I got you in my sights bud (all be it at about ten miles)....LOL! Read More »

Reloading Scale

Forum topic: 6 years 5 days ago - I have been toying with reloading for awhile now and would like to know if anybody has any recomendations on a good digital scale that is'n going to break the bank. Read More »


Forum topic: 6 years 1 week ago - Hello, long time...but wanted to ask about skeet shooting, I just tried it for the first time on Thanksgiving (on the beach in Ocean Springs, MS) was a blast and I was just wondering what type of shotgun would your recommend for this? I ... Read More »

Runs eat a person, quote the bible post.. or "things not found in Deuteronomy"

Forum topic: 6 years 1 week ago - I posted a long response to Dave's update about the little guy, and why God let that sort of thing happen.. Screwed up and closed off before it posted.. Laughing as In retrospect that might be just another proof of our Lords existence.. The ... Read More »


Forum topic: 6 years 2 weeks ago - Behold....the SUBARUBICON, it's actually quite capable, out here in the UTAH desert, it ain't no JEEP, but short of a 'low range', it holds it's own. It is a fine shooting rig......and the 'go fast ... Read More »

S&w da .45

Forum topic: 6 years 2 weeks ago - I have come across a S&W da 45 it is stamped on the top of the barrel smith and wesson springfeild mass, patented dec.17 1901,feb 6 1908, sep 14 1909. on the left side of barrle it is stamped S&W DA .45. on the bottom of the barrel it is ... Read More »

best ammo for a glock 19?

Forum topic: 6 years 4 weeks ago - hey all, been busy, got a glock on the way, hopefully will have the money by the end of this week to finish paying it off. been looking online at bulk ammo, was wondering how good speer lawman and pmc's are. i know glocks will fire anything, i ... Read More »

will a SPAS 12 Handguard fit on a Remington 870

Forum topic: 6 years 4 weeks ago - I have a remington 870 12ga. and I would like to have the SPAS 12's Handguard mounted on it... So i'm woundering if they would go to gether with minimal to none gunsmithing? shotgun is the basic 870, 4 shot mag. + 1 in the chamber (2 3/4 - 3in. ... Read More »

Duracoat, cerakote, moly

Forum topic: 6 years 5 weeks ago - Does anyone have experience applying these, if so what are the pros and cons you've experienced? I realize that dura is the easiest to apply. Cera has to bake, but will be harder. I'm looking for the most durable finish. Suggestions? Read More »

Texas Gun Shop Radio Ad

Forum topic: 6 years 6 weeks ago - Yes, folks —this is a real radio ad! Llano, TX. This will make your day…be sure to listen to his closing comments. Yes, Folks....there are still some areas of Texas that practice freedom of speech and aren’t afraid of not being ... Read More »


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