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Shot sizes

Forum topic: 5 years 35 weeks ago - No not tequila shots!! Shot gun shells are commonly available in #9 shot to 00 Buckshot. Disclaimer: at ranges under 20 feet, 1 full ounce , or more, of lead at +1000 fps does extreme damage to what it hits, no matter the diameter of the ... Read More »

24" standard contour ar barrel in phosfate (not stainless)

Forum topic: 5 years 35 weeks ago - I am looking for a 24" or longer barrel for an AR but don't want stainless, unless it is black. Cant seem to find anything. Don't want glare bouncing of barrel, and do want extra fps longer barrel gives. Any links or suggestions? Read More »

High Standard Olympic Citation

Forum topic: 5 years 35 weeks ago - Thanks for nothing, Thought there were a few experts here... Read More »

First timer on this sight, so hello to all, topic on EAA handguns

Forum topic: 5 years 36 weeks ago - I dont know if i am doing this right or if i am in the right place!! i have been doing some reading & i seen someone asking about EAA pistols & i will be picking up my new EAA witness elite gold 45!!! it was a little pricey but they are the top ... Read More »

Self Sufficiency

Forum topic: 5 years 37 weeks ago - I know every one will weigh in with his or her own ideas. But I think this is vitaly important to plan ahead for. God willing we will never need it, but at least you were prepared for ourself and our family. TO BE SELF SUFFICIENT IN TIMES OF ... Read More »

carry holester for a rossi

Forum topic: 5 years 37 weeks ago - Hey guys I just bought a rossi 357MAG with a 2in barrel I am trying to find a holester that I can either put behind my belt or inside my waist band. Any ideas Read More »


Forum topic: 5 years 37 weeks ago - Where can I download for FREE a copy of FM3-22.9? It is the army marksmanship manual. Thanks for any help. Read More »

Shot a Sig P210-6 Target tonight !! woohoo!

Forum topic: 5 years 37 weeks ago - Larry brought in two different pistols I hadn't shot yet tonight and both will cause me to loose sleep! Sig 220 SS Elite in 9 mm Sig P210-6 Target... One of the Original ones from the early 70's not one of the newer remakes. Other than ... Read More »


Forum topic: 5 years 37 weeks ago - Easiest way to descrope my gun and my ... Read More »


Forum topic: 5 years 37 weeks ago - FOR SALE S&W M&P 15R 5.45 has a NiKon 3-9x40 Matte BDC scope and aftermarket grip and a realy nice roller hard case. Realy nice shooting gun and very light. only 30 rounds been shot threw it. was bought new and is in new condition. asking ... Read More »


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