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A Glock 17 full auto with Russian Ammo

Forum topic: 5 years 17 weeks ago - Read More »

How to level a scope, there are many videos I got for u guys my first one is my favorite.

Forum topic: 5 years 17 weeks ago - A little insight on scopes. If you have a scope and you dont adjust for elevation the you can practically give to shits. Canting will only effect ... Read More »

Glock 25 in 40 cal.

Forum topic: 5 years 18 weeks ago - Anybody got and using a glock 25 in a 40 cal? Any info good or bad? Read More »

Mitchell's Mausers Private Collection for sale & some Lugers

Forum topic: 5 years 18 weeks ago - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mitchell's Private Collection Released Rare Luger Pistols and Mauser Rifles To the Privileged Few, this e-mail is intended to "Show and Tell" you ... Read More »

Just a reminder

Forum topic: 5 years 18 weeks ago - The SKS is NOT an assault rifle! A petty distinction, but it irritates me since anti-gunners misuse the term so frequently. That is all. Read More »

What Type Of Shotgun Should I Get Saiga Or Benelli

Forum topic: 5 years 19 weeks ago - which has better reliability , good to sandy terrain and battle efficient ? Read More »

quick question about pistols and their histories

Forum topic: 5 years 20 weeks ago - hey all, been away for quite some time, have been busy but i finally made it back for a bit haha, anyhow i have a question. my HK USP .40, how do I tell what year it was made? and is there a way im able to check with HK to see if its been worked ... Read More »

Redfield LE-9 scope

Forum topic: 5 years 20 weeks ago - I recently found a great Savage model 10 in .308 Win equipped with a Redfield LE-9 scope. The rifle is from the 2000's and I'm assuming the same from the scope. I've always known Redfield to be a mid-level scope, but the optics & reticle on ... Read More »


Forum topic: 5 years 20 weeks ago - Hey guys how has everyone been? Been working myself finally got my CCW for florida. Does anyone have any knowledge on EAA guns? I was reading about a new K2 pistol in 45ACP that has a 14+1 magazine. Does anyine know if these are good guns they go ... Read More »

Need Help PLease

Forum topic: 5 years 20 weeks ago - Guys I was looking at my rear sight on my Universal M1 Carbine and the sight adjusts forward and back as well as left and right. My question is on the forward and back adjustment there are small numbers ranging from 1, 2, 2.5, 3. How would that ... Read More »


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