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My W. Germany Sig P220 .45acpOld W. German Sig Sauer P220, new magazines?

Forum topic: 6 years 28 weeks ago - So I just picked up an Older(1992) west german made Sig Sauer P220 in .45 acp. All I need to know is if anyone else has a West German made P220 and if the new sig factory mags work well with them. I dont have the european heel mag release so I ... Read More »

Walther P88ASWalther P99AS

Forum topic: 6 years 28 weeks ago - I am going to receive my new Walther P99AS before the end of the week! Can't wait! Anyone have experience with this firearm? I read that it was designed by one of the original two Glock designers. Read More »

Gun GaugeWhat gauge means

Forum topic: 6 years 28 weeks ago - Most of you already know, but for those that don't, a shotgun's gauge means how many lead balls of the bore's diameter it takes to make a pound. So, a 12 Ga. means a lead ball that is the diameter of the bore (.729") weighs 1/12 of a pound. Read More »

Taurus PT 140Taurus PT 140

Forum topic: 6 years 28 weeks ago - So I ended up buying a Taurus PT 140 for concealed carry. I have to tell you guys I love it! Great gun I was kinda leary about the Taurus sometimes they get a bad review. But this gun is great hold 10+1 40 Cal. light and small. I'm not a big but ... Read More »

Gun Gripgrip size

Forum topic: 6 years 28 weeks ago - have a small hand and thumb going bad. any suggestions on finding the best fit Read More »

Gun RangeSummer Break Range Time

Forum topic: 6 years 28 weeks ago - Hey anyone know of a range close to if not already in Virginia where civis like most of us can get a chance to shoot military type firearms? Ya know the basic assault rifles (AK-47 Full Auto,G36 Full Auto) and sniper rifles (M40,SVD) and maybe a ... Read More »

Tantal wz88Picked up a Tantal wz88 today on a trade

Forum topic: 6 years 28 weeks ago - Traded a .22 lr conversion for the CZ 75 today and got a CIA Tantal wz88 AK74 for it. Very clean and only has around 300 rounds through it. I'll pickup the mag's for it Tuesday night and all the other crap with it. Should be interesting as ... Read More »

Plunger Rod Plunger rod

Forum topic: 6 years 28 weeks ago - I'm looking for a replacement Plunger rod for a 1978 BPR-.22 cal. rifle. I've been told to cut down a BL .22 cal. rod. But need to what model? Read More »

Tawny Roberts with 1911Tawny Roberts - March 2011 GunsLot Girl of the Month

Forum topic: 6 years 28 weeks ago - We are pleased to introduce the March 2011 GunsLot Girl of the month: Tawny Roberts [nodeinsert nid=76161 align=center] As I grew up in Dallas Texas, I never imagined that I would become an Adult Star. I had thoughts of fashion ... Read More »

EDM Arms .50 BMG M96 Broken DownEDM M96 .50 BMG Advice?

Forum topic: 6 years 29 weeks ago - I was looking for various .50 BMG rifles to get away from the standard single shot rifles and/or Barrett rifles and I happened upon a 5 shot, magazine fed, bolt action repeating .50 BMG rifle made by E.D.M. Arms. The rifle itself is has a 30" ... Read More »


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