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Taurus TrackerTaurus Tracker

Forum topic: 3 years 35 weeks ago - Just saw a Taurus Tracker 357 magnum yesterday at MC Sports. Has a 4" vented barrel, night sights and an awesome feeling rubber grip. Gun is made of titanium and has a wheel with a 7 round capacity. Does anyone have one of these or has anyone ... Read More »

Remington 700Tactical Training Companies

Forum topic: 3 years 36 weeks ago - Any Comments on the Remington 700 Trigger issues? We would like to know.. Read More »

SteyrWhat was the first recorded Semi Auto Pistol in history?

Forum topic: 3 years 36 weeks ago - Anyone know the first semi auto pistol in history? Manufacturer? Designer? Read More »

Top ShotSeason Opener of Top Shot

Forum topic: 3 years 36 weeks ago - Well I watched the first episode of this season of Top Shot and I have to say this could be a fun season. I loved they had them shoot the ole Sharps rifle in the first 5 minutes. You sure could tell most of them didn't realize how much that heavy ... Read More »

Sig Sauer P226 Enhanced EliteSIg Sauer P226 ENHANCED ELITE 9mm Gettin One Soon

Forum topic: 3 years 37 weeks ago - I did my homework, shopped some prices. It's official, this is my next Pistol. Anyone have one and can tell me about your experience with yours? Mine will be the 9mm. I already have a Springfield Armory, 1911A1, caliber 45. A Walther PK380, W/ ... Read More »

FNP 45 TacticalBest new 45acp.

Forum topic: 3 years 37 weeks ago - Anyone have the experience of shooting the FN Herstal 45FNP USG? WOW, might be MOM up side down, but I have not ever shot anything even close in total performance.15-1 to start, replaced by 2 -14mags. Accurate as YOU can shoot,easy field strip ... Read More »

70 winchester 30-06 I have a model 70 winchester 30-06 new for trade 44 pistol No six shooters

Forum topic: 3 years 37 weeks ago - I have a model 70 winchester 30-06 fired a couple times synthetic stock awsome gun. I want to trade it for a 44 pistol, preferably a redhawk or 629 but ALL offers concidered Email me if I do not respond to your reply here Read More »

Bella with AR15Bella Valentine - February 2011 GunsLot Girl of the Month

Forum topic: 3 years 37 weeks ago - We are pleased to introduce the February 2011 GunsLot Girl of the month: Bella Valentine [nodeinsert nid=75801 align=center] Bella Valentine is a glamour model who was born in Florence, Italy. Bella spent time growing up ... Read More »

Benelli NovaAdvice on shotguns

Forum topic: 3 years 38 weeks ago - I am getting a shotgun for the only 3 purposes. Skeet, Pheasant and Turkey. I have a Mossburg 500 so I don't need that suggestion. I am looking at a Benelli Nova. Here are my needs: 12/20 Gauge Pump 3" chambered $400-500 Prefer ... Read More »

Upper for AR'sLarger-bore Upper for ARs

Forum topic: 3 years 38 weeks ago - Hello All! I have an AR 15 with a carry handle, in 5.56/223. I would like to get an upper for it that will shoot maybe a 308 or similar cartridge, for big game hunting. a 223 will just go through a deer and will only piss a bear off, not to ... Read More »


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