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Concealed and wonderfulWhat is your current Conceal/Carry weapon?

Forum topic: 3 years 13 weeks ago - So what is your current Conceal/Carry weapon right now? Not your favorite from the past or your fantasy piece. What is on your holster as you drove home tonight? Read More »

Kel-Tec PMR 30Kel-Tec PMR 30

Forum topic: 3 years 13 weeks ago - I was wondering if anyone owns or has shot the Kel-Tec PMR 30. My father got one because he loves 22MAG and wanted a pistol but the first 22MAG pistol created sucked. Then this one came out and he snatched it up and through only 2 magazines I ... Read More »

Marlin 981TSBolt Action 22s That are dead nuts accurate

Forum topic: 3 years 14 weeks ago - Im looking in to buying a new 22 bolt gun for varmint hunting, and just screwing around with, does anyone have any suggestions? I would prefer a bolt gun, and something thats out of the box accurate. Right now I am leaning towards a Marlin 981TS ... Read More »

AR-15 Piston SystemAR- adding a piston system

Forum topic: 3 years 14 weeks ago - Has anyone taken a previously gas operational AR and added a piston system to it? How easy/hard is it? Read More »

Sig Sauer P250sig p250?

Forum topic: 3 years 14 weeks ago - anyone have a chance at the sig p250? was just looking at it considering saving up a little while longer and getting that in .40... I know Sigs are amazing but I've not heard anything on the p250 and would like some feedback, checked the reviews ... Read More »

AR-15 Stockbest 10 22 stock for the money

Forum topic: 3 years 14 weeks ago - I currently have a 10 22 with a tapco stock I didn't do much research before I bought it but I have another with a factory stock and would like a new one any suggestions would be helpful Read More »

January 2011 GunsLot Girl Jessica With AR-15Jessica - January 2011 GunsLot Girl of the Month

Forum topic: 3 years 14 weeks ago - In our quest to create the best online community for the gun enthusiast, we are proud to present the first GunsLot girl of the month debuting this January 2011. We are testing this addition to the website and look forward to your feedback. ... Read More »

Rare GunNew collectors. What is your next planned purchase?

Forum topic: 3 years 14 weeks ago - I myself need a good pump action, a Mossberg 300, with dual pistol grips and a bayonette, but the short version for the house defense. Really its the only thing I need as per the old song: I gotta' shotgun,, a rifle,, and a .45, A country boy ... Read More »

AR-15 with ScopeBest Scope For AR-15?

Forum topic: 3 years 14 weeks ago - What the best scope for an AR? I would be firing out to 300 yds with the rare 400-500 yard shot. This would be mounted on a flattop. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Read More »

M-14Mini 14 & M-14?

Forum topic: 3 years 14 weeks ago - Did Ruger base the Mini 14 on Springfields M-14? How similair or different are they in design? Anybody have a real M-14? Read More »


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