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Springfield Armory XD 40 Tactical

Forum topic: 4 years 9 weeks ago - I have had my eye on this piece for quite some time now. The gun shop by my old house up on the mountain wil sell me one for 607.00 Any pros and cons?? Read More »

taurus tcp 380 vs. kel tec p-3at

Forum topic: 4 years 9 weeks ago - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- which of these two 380's is best. I can get the taurus for $270 out door and kel tec for $250 out door. what do you guys think is the better of the two. i have ... Read More »

Stevens Model 67 E Series 12 Gauge

Forum topic: 4 years 10 weeks ago - I bought one a few months ago and I have yet to find professional info on it. I told Ebear about it on Facebook a while back and now that I am back I was wondering if any of ya all have any expirence with this Pump 12 gauge. Mine is camo from ... Read More »

Colt Commander CLW .45

Forum topic: 4 years 10 weeks ago - I'm having some difficult finding some information on a Colt Commander CLW 040XXX . The information that I have read about it refers sometimes as having seven digits in the serial number , or six , like the one I'm interested ... Read More »

Pin LocationAK47 gas piston removal

Forum topic: 4 years 11 weeks ago - i cant figure out how to unscrew my WASR-10/63 gas piston. can anyone help? Read More »

Polymer frame VS 1911’s

Forum topic: 4 years 11 weeks ago - hey guys i havent been on here in a while but im doing a paper for shcool and i need a hand, without going into too much detail, im looking for a ruff idea on how many people would pick polymer frames or 1911's witch one you would pick if you ... Read More »


Forum topic: 4 years 11 weeks ago - My wife keeps bugging me about what I want for x-mas I think I 'm gonna tell her a shotgun she'll probably say no but on the off chance she says yes I want to be able to tell her exactly which one I want. This one from big 5 has caught my eye ... Read More »

savage rifles

Forum topic: 4 years 12 weeks ago - hi I want know what you guys think of the savage made rifles, I can buy one for a good price but dont know enough. cal.243, want to use it for small game hunting and varminting. I also do reloading and it seems to be the perfect ... Read More »

Taurus 1911 .45 review

Forum topic: 4 years 12 weeks ago - Taurus 1911 Review The Taurus 1911 .45 ACP has brought sneers and jeers from 1911 snobs since it’s introduction. The company stated in it’s initial press release that their 1911 was “Destined to become the standard that all 1911 pistols ... Read More »

Gloc 23c vs. Springfield XD

Forum topic: 4 years 12 weeks ago - I'm looking to buy my first handgun. It's primarily for defense and must be carryable. With what I've shot, I'm stuck on a .40 It's between the Glock 23c (found new for $510) and a Springfield Xd ( a co-worker has a never fired one with all the ... Read More »


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