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Ruger Mini 14 Gun Review

Gun Review: 5 years 26 weeks ago - The Ruger Mini 14 is one of the small rifles that can easily attract a gun enthusiast. Developed from the late 60s to the early 70s the first Mini 14s were sold in 1973. It immediately became a popular rifle for many gun enthusiasts because of ... Read More »

Ruger LCP Gun Review

Gun Review: 5 years 29 weeks ago - The Ruger LCP (Light Compact Pistol) is one of the newest handguns from the well respected manufacturer. Introduced in 2008, the handgun immediately became a hot item as waiting list for the Ruger LCP is common in many gun stores. Read More »

Mossberg 590 A1 Gun Review

Gun Review: 5 years 30 weeks ago - The Mossberg 590 A1 shotgun is based on the Mossberg 500 Shotgun which was first released in the early 70s. The 500 series of Mossberg Shotguns is very popular until today because of its easy to use form and quick reaction. Read More »

Sig Sauer Mosquito .22

Gun Review: 5 years 34 weeks ago - Great little plinker! Read More »

Iver Johnson 12 Gauge

Gun Review: 5 years 34 weeks ago - The Iver Johnson is a cheaply made 12 gauge shotgun. It has a good overall look though.I have shot one myself and had a good time with it.But they are many down sides to it. Read More »

Saiga 12 Shotgun

Gun Review: 5 years 34 weeks ago - A preliminary review Read More »

Ruger P95DCRuger P95DC Gun Review

Gun Review: 5 years 36 weeks ago - Ruger firearms are known to be manufacturers of inexpensive yet very reliable firearms. Although their handguns will never win you over with their looks, it will easily attract those who need a gun that will perform when needed without any qualms. Read More »

Smith & Wesson 442 Review

Gun Review: 5 years 37 weeks ago - Smith & Wesson is one of the most recognized gun manufacturers in the world - for a good reason. The company has continuously manufactured high quality firearms that amazed gun enthusiasts, hunters and even the military. Anyone who wants to be ... Read More »

EAA Witness 10mm Gun Review

Gun Review: 5 years 38 weeks ago - EAA Witness is a form of pistol designed with CZ 75 in mind. Its form is not necessarily the same to the Czechoslovakian pistol, but it has learned a few lessons from the well-known pistol. The manufacturer has adopted these lessons to the EAA ... Read More »

AK-47 Rifle Review

Gun Review: 5 years 40 weeks ago - The legendary AK-47 Rifle - a name that strikes fear and admiration to many gun enthusiasts around the world. From its humble beginnings in Soviet Union in the late 40s, the rifle has been associated with gun battles that everyone just wants to ... Read More »


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