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Aint this about a bitch

Aint this about a bitch

Ok, heres the scoop, I can and will post my "blog thingys" but due to the restrictions put on to the accessability of certain online items such as "blogs, videos, streaming media, and some other shit" I am not able to check the comments left on my own blog. So I got an got a comment, post it. But you got a question, send it to me by private message or post it as a new forum with the title "question about blog" or some crap like that. I promise Ill keep posting random crap if you promise to look at it once in awhile, OK?


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diane bergman

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i love guns

i just wrote a whole page here and some how lost it all... basically im a gun lover , owned a few weapons that are considered altered and illegal, but that was a long time ago... however they were soo awesome i need to tell u about them... so here goes but first id like to say im a sexy 58 yr young female who is single, attractive and available ... im looking for a male species who likes guns and could possibly help me in this area from time to time... im wanting a male who hasd no hidden agendas, good manners, romantic, kinda on the spur of the moment kind of guy at times and one who will love me for me! i am an excellent house keeper , know how to treat my man , who will never go unsatisfied in any respect and you have my word on that... in all im just looking for someone to share these last few years together with fun, happiness and enjoying each others company. now heres the two most dangerous weapons ive ever owned .. i had a sawed off mossburg shot gun over/under silver edition which was approx 9 inches long i also owned another sawed off shotgun that was 7 1/2 inches long with an oak handel especially to fit kmy fingers... then i had a 380/9 mil hand gun which i loved the most.. its made for a woman cuz you dont have to aim... just shoot in the general direction and BOOM! youve got your target i love guns

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wedding dresses

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