Complete Camping Guide

Follow the complete camping guide and be sure of a fulfilled and a safe camping experience even in the wilderness

Follow the complete camping guide and be sure of a fulfilled and a safe camping experience even in the wilderness

Camping is a kind of outdoor recreational activity where the participants, better known as campers get away from society and enjoy the nature by spending a couple or more nights at places usually known as campsites. It may involve a tent, or a primitive structure or many not involve any shelter. This activity became popular in 20th Century only. Frequent camping locations were national parks, other state owned natural area or private campgrounds.

Campers have varying abilities and ruggedness. Hence campsites are designed accordingly. Some camping sites have fire rings; some have barbecue grills, bathrooms and other utilities. But not all camp sites are equally developed in all areas. Campsites can be just a patch of dirt with a sign board, or a place with electricity and sewer. One should read about the campsite before selecting it. Some rugged campers think that more facilities make the camp site worthless and the objective of out door life is not fulfilled.

Camping in Recreational Vehicle, or the wheeled house, is one of the high amenity camping ideas. Some of them are too luxurious with air conditioning, kitchens, bathrooms, satellite TV, showers and even internet connections provided. This is selected by those who consider tent camping uncomfortable. Some retirees and self-employed often sell their homes and live in RVs, often moving from one place to another.

Those who prefer rugged experience live only in tents, or sometimes even without shelter. The equipment is transported to an established camping ground using an automobile. It is very popular among young families because small children absolutely love it. The gear is also inexpensive and quite rugged. It costs less than the camping with all the amenities. Backpacks and pack animals are also used in this kind of camping.

Backpacking is a mobile variety of camping. Campers use lightweight equipment which can be carried over long distances on foot. Camping is done on remote spots and hiking on foot. The equipment costs more than car camping but much less than motor home.

Canoe Camping is very much similar to backpacking, but instead, it uses canoes for transportation. So much more weight and bulk can be added as compared to a backpack. This form of camping is very popular in North America. Another kind of camping is bicycle touring. Bicycle is used to carry all the gears and thus more distance can be covered, although the storage capacity decreases.

Motorcycle camping connects more to bicycle camping than car camping owing to the limited storage capacity. The equipments used are basically the same. Compact dimensions are associated with the backpacking equipment. Various forms of camping have made it a very famous recreational activity and enables people to get away from the hustle of daily life.


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