Deadly Cell Phones?

Cell Phones learning new tricks like shooting or electrocution

Cell Phones learning new tricks like shooting or electrocution

The "Gun Phone", which is being found in parts of Western Europe and in a few seperate occasions in America fires four .22 caliber rounds in quick succession when the correct sequence of buttons are pressed. These phones look like normal everyday cell phones but hold the rounds under the digital screen with the external antenna being used as the barrel. These cell phones have not yet been a big enough problem here in the U.S. to warrent concern but im sure its only a matter of time. Legal of not.
That is not true however with the Stun Gun Cell Phone. These shockingly easy to find phones are being sold in the States and are availible on most self defense web-sites. With most of them pushing out 800,000 volts, these phones are enough to make you think twice before pulling out your phone without at least a double take to make sure its the right one. Most models use two metal nodes at the top of the phone as contact points. With alot of the models coming equiped with extras and extra safty features. A few being a flashlight (be sure your pressing the right button), super bright LED lights and 100dB high pitch tone alarm to be set off if the disabling safty wriststrap is pulled out of the bottom of the mean stunner..well whatever you want to call it. Even with all these little extras built in, you cannot actually make a call with it. All though if you could im not sure if I would want to! These are truly an advancement in self protection giving the female worker having to walk home alone at night the upper hand. With a price range of $40-$70, any average joe can be packing the latest greatest techniques of Cell Phone-Fu.

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