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An Introduction To The Life And Blog That Is Sytasyn Syn

An Introduction To The Life And Blog That Is Sytasyn Syn

First off, I feel that I must let everyone know a little about myself so you know where im coming from in future posts. My monicer is pronounced like "Citizen Sin". I know some people out there where wondering, I always get the question of what the fuck my name is. Now heres another thing, I swear in this Blog beacuse theres only one person I dont swear if front of and my mother will not be reading this, so I hope you can deal with a little grown up language.
My real Name is Scott C. Peterson and I am a United States Marine with one combat tour in Iraq and working on the 2nd as we speak. I am not the stereotypical scarecrow Marine, I do own a brain and I use it alot. The rest can be found in my profile. I am a Moderator on this site...which just means I spend to much time online. This Blog will be used to post mostly gun related issues or news articles(in my own words) or any bitchs moans and gripes I got about damn near anything involved with weapons at all!!!
Any questions you got or comments about anything will be well recieved and have a return responce. You can leave a comment on this or just privagte message me, i leave nor question un answered nor a comment unread.
I look forward to creating a Fun and Informitive blog with plenty of comments and/or questions.

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