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I had a news article to bore you with again, but instead I decided to just type and find out what nonsense and tomfoulery comes out. WARNING: LOTS OF ANGER AND BAD WORDS-DONT ENTER IF SENSITIVE

I had a news article to bore you with again, but instead I decided to just type and find out what nonsense and tomfoulery comes out.

Ok, now remembering that this is MY BLOG and I can and will write anything in it, I will not mind comments because I know imma get some. Dont bother keeping it clean, im not.
Now with that said, I have been noticing alot of different views on the war, the military, the government, life and everything in general. I understand that everyone has there own opinions and they are intitled to them...well this ones mine.
To all those who decide that at one point wearing black nail polish, always acting depressed and large amounts of the "sticky" (pot) are giving them this great insight to our countries runnings and the governments secert plan, and then think they figured out the whole system plus how to fix it all within four hours of doped up conversation two boxes of Cheez-its and a little internet surfing...SHUT THE FUCK UP. If it is really that fucked in this country that you cant stand another election between satan and lucifer, and you just "KNOW" this country is causing all this genocide around the world and we are tyrants ruining humanity, using people and resources for corperation perposes only and theres just nothing good about this country except Tom Cruise...MOVE OUT OF MY COUNTRY. I hate you, I hate you so bad. I dont want to listen to you anymore and everytime I even try to understand where your coming from, the voices yelling in my head for me to "chop my own dick off and beat you with it" win out over you because even that is a more entertaining concept then whatever garbage you regerjitating from your favorite emo-sexual web-site for those kids hows parents told them they had to mow the lawn once when they were twelve so now there anti-social and fighting the good fight against "The Man". FUCK YOU
Speaking of Tom Cruise, what the fuck is with these damn celebrities and the crazy shit there doing?? Scientology, who in the flamin fuck could believe that shit? Its not even a good science fiction novel let-alone believable. Plus all these famous fucks losing there mind and doing stupid shit IE: shaving there heads, dangling there babies named "Blanket" off balconies, getting shitfaced in front of there kids that video taping them trying to eat a burger and swearing off alcohol. I blame those people that are acually interested in this dribble some call news. Mind your own business and live your own lives you worthless prick. Do you have nothong more to do then fuel the steamroller that is paparazzi rolling over everything that can resemble real news or anything worth FUCKS. I get no greater pleasure then when I see some fat grotesque"thing" standing in line at the grocery store with there kids... on... a... fucking... leash.......(Ill get to this in a minute) reading the "celeb news" talking load as hell on there cell phone to no doubt another disgusting, foul, horrid land beast about "this crazy spears girl, I cant believe how wrecked she looks". LOOK AT YOUR SELF YOU FLESH COLORED HERSEY KISS. Now with the thing about the leash, are you serious? its not a ppomeranian(yes theres two P's) you dont get to put it on a leash, let it run wild, and take no responsibility for the fact that at age 5 there already 145 lbs. I hope your kid strangles you while you sleep, using the leash you tied him up with. FUCK YOU
Now I guess since this is a gunsite I got to take about guns. So to all you soft core bleeding hearts that dont want anyone to own guns and believe taking my weapon away is going to protect me from the criminal how doesn't care about gun bans considering hes about to commit a felony anyway by robbing me...FUCK YOU I can garentee that that guy wont be harming me or robbing me OR BREATHING if I got my snub nose. So the next time you call 911 because theres someone in your house, wanted it like bloody england and the cops aint going in because the robber has a gun but the cop nor you have one...I hope the robber kills you, and your ppomeranian...homo.
Well with this said, I got work to do so i cant write more even though I got plenty of hate to bring. Ill post that news article I was talking about tomarrow.

P.S. Not really worried if I offended anyone


9 years 32 weeks ago, 8:56 PM


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PTSD? just kidding, we are on the same page!

9 years 21 weeks ago, 5:11 PM


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please relese that's all inside

9 years 4 weeks ago, 4:20 PM


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STOP! My mascara is running and I have snot on my on my talcum white cheeks

7 years 20 weeks ago, 12:06 AM


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