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GunsLot is offering an exclusive opportunity for members to sell their guns, ammunition and accessories for Free! Simply, login to, select the create content tab in the upper right hand corner, select gun, next input all of the information about your gun that you have available including a headline and body text explaining the features of your gun. In the Parent section, type in the name of your gun and if it is in our database, it will automatically associate it with the gun in our database. Next hit submit. Your gun has been created. Then you can add pictures and videos that will appear on the guns page by clicking add pictures or add video from the gun's page.

This is a unique opportunity to sell your gun, ammunition or firearm directly on GunsLot to an international audience. Please remember to add your email address in the body of the gun's description as contact information. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected].

We are also looking for content writers and video submissions for the website as well. We believe in the submissions of our many members and look forward to providing you with the best gun resource and community on the Internet. Come drop a comment in the forum and let us know what you think.

- Team GunsLot

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