Bolt-Action Rifles

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Lee-Enfield No.4 MKI T

Well restoration is underway on the No.4. Couple concerning questions arose during the cosmoline removal and blue removal. On the reciver it says No.4 MKI T im obviouly confused as the T signifys ...

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Yard Sale 98 Mauser

I stopped on my way home from grocery shopping, lots of food that could melt, defrost and spoil. As I was leaving I walked past the seller's table and spied the butt of a rifle. He told me it was ...

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by captmax

Springfield 1903$$$

Hey Im thinking about getting a Springfield 1903. The thing is im not quite sure what a good price is for one. I know its probably going to be expensive so if you could point me in the direction ...

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by trevorferguson

NEED HELP BAD...problem with mossberg .17hmr

i have a mossberg 817 international .17hmr....bolt wont stay locked in fire position(cocked). took bolt out and cleaned it, soaked in oil...still wont lock...ckecked trigger and all seems ...

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by aamir ssg
by aamir ssg
by captmax

T/C rifle Build your own cal and can buy other barrel's of other cal's .......... I know them for black power guns and saw this and was wondering what ...

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Busted Another Armadillo, this time I used my

Western Field single shot .22 that's almost as old as Greg LOL!!! One shot, one kill. Piece of cake at under 10 yards :<)) Hey, anyone else sending pests to collect their virgins? No, wait, ...

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G-Dau Casey & G-son Brandon & I practiced with his Daisy .22 single shot

Brandon is getting to be quite the marksman with rifles, Casey is coming along but she has trouble fitting herself and the rifle together. It's gonna take some work but we'll get it. The Daisy .22 ...

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by samD
by jay sedler

Rifle Builds .. my SMLE MK IV

I started to respond on Jays, and honestly didn't want to cause any sort of "drift".. fist off Jay, no way that anyone's going to get tired of any build comments.. Fun stuff.. even if we don't ...

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by purplefred2

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