Bolt-Action Rifles

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by Anonymous

Mosin-Nagant M91/30 Markings

Anyone know where I can find VERY detailed info on Mosin Nagant M91/30 Markings? I checked out and couldnt make heads or tails of it other than my rifle is ...

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Thompson/Center logoThompson/Center weapons

Does anybody have an opinion of Thompson/Center weapons?

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The Bolt Shroud

How does the bolt shroud affect accuracy with a bolt action ? I just read that replacing it with one from pacific tool and guage increases accuracy a whole lot . I don't understand WHY. Would ...

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by Snake

Type 99 Scope MountType 99 Arisaka Scope Mount And Ammo

My uncle Robert has a request. He would like a scope mount for his Type 99 Rifle. The rifle was sent back to the U.S by my papaw during WWII. Could you point him in the right direction? Also he ...

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by Snake

AR-7Unreliable but won't get rid of it.

What's the one firearm you have that dose not run well yet you can't part with it? I have an AR-7 that was a friend's that passed away. The gun is very picky on when it wants to feed right. Pisses ...

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Marlin 981TSBolt Action 22s That are dead nuts accurate

Im looking in to buying a new 22 bolt gun for varmint hunting, and just screwing around with, does anyone have any suggestions? I would prefer a bolt gun, and something thats out of the box ...

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Henry .22hello I'm new to guns and shooting

I recently purchased a Henry 22 carbine rifle and a browning pump shot gun looking for a handgun for the range and personal protection got any suggestions?

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