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USGI web belt feedback

Hey everyone. I am looking for some feedback from anyone that has used the "USGI MILITARY PISTOL BELT / WEB BELT". I bought a belt that 'looked' like the US issued off amazon and it was made in ...

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Cold weather gear

I need a cold weather jacket, and I'm talking mean cold, when out in the European Alps hunting AND I need it for work in foreign parts too. My problem is I need camouflage and it has to function ...

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Gunslot Shirts Are In!

Gunslot shirts are finally in stock and ready to be shipped. Prices are $20 + $5 for shipping/handling. We have sizes ranging from L - XXXL Click here to order Shirt details: • 6.1 oz 100% Cotton ...

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Official Gunslot Shirts Now Available

Path: Sizes ranging from Mens L - 3XL. Get em while they're still available!

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