Hunting Knives

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One Survival Knife?

If you could only have one knife for survival, what would it be? Please post pics if you can. I am in the market for one and your feedback would be great.

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Selecting the Right Type of Hunting Knife

Hunting knives are an important tool for outdoor activities. It could be used for varying purposes such as hunting, fishing or just simply camping. Without the hunting knife, simple tasks in the outdoors could not be done and the outdoor experience may not be complete.

But going out and selecting the first hunting knife advertised is not recommended. Careful thought should be used in selecting the right hunting knife. One of the biggest mistakes anyone would have in selecting hunting knife is thinking that all knives are the same. There are knives that could serve a specific purpose which could be perfect for your outdoor experience.

That is why the purpose of the knife should be considered before purchasing a hunting knife. There are a lot of hunting knives out there and the come in different forms, made up of different materials and extra components which could improve your outdoor experience. By determining the purpose of your hunting knife, you should trim your options to a few hunting knives and end up with the right one.

On the other hand, the purpose should not be your sole bases in selecting the right hunting knife. Your personal preference should also be considered which will help you select the right hunting knife.

Fixed vs. Folding

There are two types of hunting knives – folding knives and fixed knives. These refer to the positioning of the blades. The folding knife is a knife whose blade could be folded for safety while the fixed hunting knives stay in the handle.

The advantage of folding knives is that they usually come in a smaller size which could be easily carried during the outdoor trip. They could also come with additional components which offer additional knives for different purposes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide much strength and could easily brake down because of its movable parts. If you’re not going to use your hunting knife for rigorous use, this could be your hunting knife.

Fixed knives are often preferred by outdoorsmen because of its efficiency and durability. Since it doesn’t have any movable parts, it could not be easily moved and could be applied to cutting and even preparing animals. However, protection from this type of hunting knife is a little bit difficult. Proper protection should be exercised if you’re planning to have a fixed knife. It is highly recommended to place the knife in a safe area in your body.

Types of Blades

The form of blades also differs and each form is built for specific purposes and for a specific type of outdoor experience.

Drop Point Blade – a very common knife with a pointed end and sharp edge with no serrations. They come in an easy to grip handle that are usually made of wood. The typical drop point knife is thick which could be easily used in cutting meat, fish and light materials.

Clip Point Blade – another form of knives that should be considered is the knife with a clip point blade. This type of knife could work as much as the drop point blade, however, it is considerably smaller and thinner. It’s not as strong but could do smaller tasks.

Skinning Blade – this type of blade has sharp edges on the middle to the handle while it sports a serrated edge in both sides. This is often used to skin animals when the hunter opts to skin their hunt.

Hooked Blade – this is a very specialized type of blade made specifically to pierce through skin and could be efficiently used to cut a hole. The hooked blade looks like a drop point blade but at the back is a hook which could be easily used to cut through skin when the blade is pulled.

The Right Handle

Handles are a very important component in hunting knives. Unfortunately, they are often disregarded but they focus on the blade instead. Handle should be considered especially since they could help increase the efficiency of the blade. The usual consideration is to have well known materials in your handles. Wood is often preferred because they provide the right grip and handle, leather is considered because of its unique material while bones provide the right type of grip since they could be easily customized.

However, newer materials for handles should not be missed. The number of hunting knives with rubber handles is growing. This type of knife is preferred because of its grip, ease of handling as well as its ability to withstand different weather conditions. Rubber would also provide better cushion since they could be easily be built with better results. Another type of handle that should be considered is Micarta. This synthetic rubber grip has all the elements of a highly functional handle. Unfortunately, they don’t really excel in the aesthetic category because they are not built to look good but they were made to be highly useful and safe.

Additional Considerations

There are other factors that should be considered in selecting the right type of knife. Among them is the degree of serrations in the knife. A hunting knife would usually have serrations so that it could have better cutting ability. However, serrations are only used to cut through tough components such as bones and wood. If you’re thinking of going outdoors with a great chance of cutting harder materials, then a knife with extended serrations should be considered. With a combination of a sharp edge and the serrations, you have a highly functional hunting knife for different methods.

It is said that the price and brand should also be considered. Some say that this should be the first thing that should be considered. But if you’re looking for safety, the last thing that you should consider is its price. The difference of the price of different types of hunting knives is considerably small. The brand should be considered but you should not be limited to the brand since there are brands that come out with limited types. If you find the right type of hunting knife, you should go for it and get the type that would perfectly fit your outdoor life.

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