Pocket Knives

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Hideaway knife

Here's a great little knife for those of you wanting a neck knife or something a little less conspicuious. http://www.hideawayknife.com/main.php

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Show off Your Knives

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A pocket knife is a very important utensil for various purposes. Knives are now commonly used to cut things that will be cooked in the kitchen. A knife could also be used to for cutting to help shape things for proper usage. Without a knife, some things and activities will never be accomplished. Some activities could never be completed if things are not cut, slashed or shaped. A knife is also handy and could be kept in safer places to prevent improper use.

Knives could come in different forms. A knife could be selected for different use or a knife could be selected based on its rarity or model as in the case of knife collectors.

One of the most popular forms of knife is the pocket knife. It’s a foldable knife intended for different purposes but their use are usually limited for light cutting. Since it’s a foldable knife, its purpose is limited to cutting simpler things. But even though it lacks in the ability to cut things; it s really safe and could be easily transported. The pocket knife could also be diversified for different use. Since it’s a foldable knife, other things could be added in the wood. One of the most popular types of pocket knife is the Swiss Knife as it doesn’t only come with the simple cutting knife but with additional tools for the outdoors too.

The Slipjoint Knife

A very popular form of knife is the slipjoint knife. This is a type of knife has a special mechanism that lets the blade stay in place once they are taken out. Slipkoints are technically never locked but instead employs a spring that lets the blade stay in place. This type of knife comes with many other tools. Oftentimes, they come with other type of blades for various purposes such as serrated blades. A slipjoint knife may even come with additional utensils for various purposes. A very popular brand of slipjoint knives are the Swiss Knife which often comes with more than one blade and has different tools for personal use including spoon and forks.

There are also traditional slipjoint knives that don’t come with multiple tools but often comes with two or more blades. Called the pen knife, they are manufactured entirely for cutting as they come with two or more different blades for different purposes.

Another popular form of slipjoint knife is the whittler which is a little bit larger compared to the pen knife.

The smallest type of slipjoint knife is the credit card knife. It’s as thin as a credit card but a blade could be drawn out even with its limited space and thickness.

Locking Knife

Locking knives were introduced during the 1900s wherein the demand for better and smaller knives increased. Foldable knives with locking ability for better performance were made.

This type of knife employs a special mechanism which allows the handle to properly lock the blade. Aside from the spring, the joint has a notch which will allow it to hold the blade. The blade, on the other hand, locks in with the handle with the use of a hook at the base of the blade. This will properly lock the blade and should the user needs to fold it back, a considerable force should be applied.

One of the most distinct features of a locking knife is in its ability to have only one blade. Because of the mechanism that requires to properly hold the knife, it could only accommodate only one blade. But even with only one knife, they are often preferred for short trip in the outdoors because of their cutting efficiency and safety.


A specialized type of pocket knife is a spring bolted knife called switch blades. They are very handy and could have a close resemblance of a locked knife except they are not folding. This type of knife brings out the blade with a push of a button which makes it very easy to release. It is pushed out by a spring and the release of the blade is in an instant. Because of its mechanism, the handle is thick but could handle only one blade. Although most pocket knives are foldable knives, this innovative knife is an exception to the rule. It’s still a pocket knife with a different type of release.

Selecting the Right Type of Pocket Knife

A pocket knife could serve various purposes but careful considerations have to be done if you want to have the right type of pocket knife. In terms of utility, the slipjoint knife should be selected hands down. You could have a pocket knife that could have everything that you need in the outdoors. However, the disadvantage of this knife is that it’s a jack of all trades, a master of none. It can do everything but it cannot do anything well. If you’re going outdoors with everything that you need, a slipjoint is perfect for you as this could complement your outdoor activities.

The locked knife or switchblades could be considered if you’re looking for a real knife. Although it’s not as versatile as the slipjoint, it could easily cut through things because the blade is properly locked in the handle. If you are going outdoors and you expect to have to cut something big, then the locked knife or even the switchblade could do the task. But don’t think that this could be for daily use. The locked knife has a small blade and might not be able to handle the daily task.

Laws on Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are popular and tolerable but the restrictions on using these knives are increasing. In most countries going around with a pocket knife is now a suspicious activity. You could be in trouble with the law if you go around with a pocket knife. Pocket knives are never allowed in different airports for personal transport. If you’re planning to go outdoors, never keep the pocket knife in any part of your body. It’s a very useful knife but you should show to the authorities that you are using the pocket knife for the right reason.

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