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Dr Catfish. I have a question

Hey Doc, I have a Plantar wart on the ball of my foot an going into Podiatrist to have removed. I remember as a kid I had 2 removed, 1 burned with acid, other burned out with xrays of some sort. ...

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Hey Bill

I see your very busy again. Good to hear Obama isn't screwing you as much as us. How's that prolapsed rectum? Sounds like it must've hurt. Still sucking American cock for the mighty American ...

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Need your prayers here, gang

I got some bad news today. I may have mentioned already about my son having a fractured wrist and then we found he had cysts that needed to be removed. Well, the latest news on his wrist is that ...

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Questions about the FACTS of Aurora shootings

Just curious about a few things and hoping some of you can clear it up. I see some very irresponsible reporting coming from the news sources. The term assault rifle is flying, of course. It was a ...

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by nobile157
by samD

The Flagman. More amazing it was on main scream TV


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IF YOU LOOK BACK 34 weeks, we had a discussion about the subject. Now justice has been done, except for the potential greivous harm done to the victims. Those executives who knew--and acted as ...

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by nobile157

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