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by samD

Two Gun Pete, Famous Gunfighter

Three vaqueros are sitting around a table, drinking tequila at a cantina in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. They each are taking turns telling perro peludo stories, and the conversation turns to famous, ...

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T H E Jewish E L B O W

T H E Jewish E L B O W > > A Jewish grandmother is giving directions to her grown grandson who is > coming to visit with his wife. > "You come to the front door of the apartment. I am ...

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by nobile157

How Dumb Can an Allegedly Smart Person Be!!??

SCOTUS Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently opined on Egyptian TV, that if she were going to write a constitution [for a new country], she would NOT use the US Constitution as a model. This ...

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Just Finished Tilapia Dinner

Easiest recipe for fish I've ever used, darn good fish! Recipe on request :<)

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How to Shoot Yourself in Both Feet, and Risk Serious Infection--

in both of your testicles. QUOTE/ I am not concerned about the poor/UNQUOTE Mitt Romney--Republican candidate for POTUS

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February 20th--The Second Anniversary of the Death of a Great American

Alexander Haig is one of my favorites. Like most of us, he was far from perfect, but he served our country well. From West Point, to the Cabinet as Secretary of State, his career reflected good ...

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by samD
by daisycutter


An announcement has been made that the Florida Republican primary may NOT end up with Romney taking 50 delegates. It seems that the Republican National Committee's rules for primaries state that ...

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Where Are the Moderators????

We have been inundated by some sickie-- mc10071moncler Can we not get rid of this garbage??

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State of Georgia [allegedly] Challenges Obama's Natural Born Citizenship Status

There is information that alleges that on January 26, 2012, a GA state court heard evidence which purports to demonstrate, in the end result, that B H Obama is not qualified to be placed on the ...

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Question, Hypothetical Situation. You Are Carrying Concealed Heat. A Guy Bumps Into You.

The guy feels your gun under your shirt and makes a grab for it. If the holster is on your belt outside your pants you can put your forearm under the holster and lift it so the gun can't come out. ...

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