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While she was "flying" down the road yesterday, a woman passed over a Bridge only to find a cop with a radar gun on the other side lying in wait. The cop pulled her over, walked up to the car, ...

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by clintlebo

THE $$$$MILLION$$$$ (1,000,000.00) DOLLAR QUESTION ??????

You have a $1,000,000.00 to send on your (goodies) rifles,pistols,ammo,Accessories,knifes,etc. So what do you buy? EX: 100 AR's = $20,000.00 Ammo = $ $50,000.00 Accessories $ 20,000.00 so take ...

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Welfare Office

A guy walked into the local welfare office to pick up his check. He marched straight up to the counter and said, "Hi. You know...., I just HATE drawing welfare. I'd really rather have a job." ...

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Potentially Good QOD...................................

As we continue to observe and sometimes marvel at the events unfolding from the Republican Primary elections, the thought occurred to me that I have been viewing such shennanigans since about ...

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by clintlebo

Good example of a Brain Study:

If you can read this you have a strong mind: 7H15 M3554G3 53RV35 7O PR0V3 H0W 0UR M1ND5 C4N D0 4M4Z1NG 7H1NG5! 1MPR3551V3 7H1NG5! 1N 7H3 B3G1NN1NG 17 WA5 H4RD BU7 N0W, 0N 7H15 LIN3 Y0UR M1ND ...

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by psmalone

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