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by nobile157
by nobile157
by Vaquero

New gun

I have always thought of the guns I own as usefull tools, either for work, self defense etc., but last week I bought myself a mouse gun for which I have no practical use for. Does this mean I am ...

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GS Site Issues? Or nazi network admins?

I haven't been able to get to the site since my last post yesterday. I kept getting 'Website not responding or unavailable' Or something like that. Of course, this was at work. Now I'm at home and ...

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COD, MOH, & other video games polluting gun knowledge

Has this happened to anyone else? You start talking guns with a person and they start saying weird things like 'The Colt python isn't very effective. It's too slow and lacks power.", or "Oh the AK ...

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Something, I Forgot to Remember on 11/22/11

Five days ago was the 48th anniversary of the JFK assassination. I usually remember on the anniversary date each year, but for some reason, I forgot this time. I am certain it has nothing to do ...

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hope its a good thanksgiving for all.im eating my first ever all wild meat turkey dinner this year.wild turkey i shot,captive -released into wild pheasant ,quail,and a dove for my wife shot by my ...

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A Thanksgiving Wish for all of my friends..........

Just a brief message--I believe we all should be thankful that next year this time, our long, national nightmare will be going away, and a great recovery will be beginning on January 20, ...

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by Jeffashbyjr
by Shakleford

Corruption, Idiocy and Cover-up: The Penn State University Debacle

My friends; With everything this country is facing, at present, we should be learning something valuable from the Penn State U. debacle. Perhaps you have read about it or seen the coverage on TV, ...

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Just wanted to share something with you guys.

I just thought I'd share this with you guys. On Monday, a friend of mine, Larry, who works at the gun shop I frequent, was shot and killed by a customer. Apparently the man asked to see a .410 ...

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funny or strange hunting stories

anyone got any good huntin stories?i just came back from a fun but ultimately unyielding bear hunt where i witnesed a buddy of mine pop two mountain quail from the side of the road near ...

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by Team Olsen

What is your thoughts?

Been awhile since I have been around, and wated to swing by and see what the guys here at Gunslot thought of this situation. The city of Spokane is about 50 miles south of where I live. This ...

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Be thankful...

Well, I was just wrapping up my Sunday with some reflection on the last two decades or so of my life and I just wanted to remind everyone out there to be thankful for the life that you have and ...

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Anybody on here Hog Hunt

When I get home in November I am going wild hog hunting , does anyone know what a good weapon would be to knock em down. I have heard 30-30 and 12 gauge so far and lukcy enough I have both and if ...

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I would like to build a BO bag for me and mine. I would like to have a couple actually, one for the truck, one for the house, and then another for camping/hiking. Of course the home bag could ...

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Zombie Awareness

lol I'm loving it! http://www.brownells.com/aspx/general/zombie.aspx?sp_rid=MjM3MDQxNjI1MDk...

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The Beautiful Truth

A documentary I just watched, want to see how much more f'd up our gooberment is than most people know watch this and others like it. Sucks they want you to be vegan, cause I love my meat, but for ...

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Give-away. '88-'94 Chev Truck Owners

Anyone want to install an aftermarket radio? You can't do it in the original location. It has to go in the center of the dash. I have a N.I.B. Scosche #GM1482 dash panel that will do it. Check ...

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Hey Guys and Gals

Hey fellas, how's it hanging? Anybody still on here I know tonight?

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