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Back on my old account Snake is back but ya knew that already haha!!

Wooooooooo hhhhhooooo went through some papers to find my ORIGINAL ACCOUNT PASSWORD!!!!! All futher pisting will be from this account. Sorry for any confusion in advance as I thought my original ...

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5 Tickest from hell plus the hidden bonus ticket!!!!!

So I went to get my 78 F-150 out of the garage after having the clutch replaced and 4x4 checked and some electrical work for the lights. Anyways I paid for the work got in the truck and drove ...

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by jay sedler

Drum up some buisness.

So I see no new members gave joined in a long time. We need to put the word out and get new people here. Maybe advertise on other public forums. Hell if I yave to I will get out and show a little ...

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Hey here is a though to the powers that be who own the site...

How bout working on a mobile app or makin the site mobile friendly for use with cell phones. Im using my cell at this moment anf its difficult haha.

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Hey what happened?

Im gone for a couple of 40 weeks and I come back to a sinking ship, did gunslot fold or close shop for a while? Anyone alive out there sound off.

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LLE Where Are You?

I'm beginning to wonder if LLE lost interest in guns and politics.

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http://unclesamsmisguidedchildren.com/muslim-strangles-his-own-daughter-... GEE IN GERMANY TOO their spreading Oh OBAMA is give over $10B to the syrian people coming here and $2-3M to the VA ...

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http://conservativepost.com/china-just-banned-all-muslim-call-to-prayer-... IF U.S.A. would do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Great Grandbaby Arrived Today

Going to see him this afternoon. 1st great grand baby, kind of a special event. I'll be leaving here, probably Monday, headed back to Arkansas and my other 'babies' :)

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Shot another armadillo, 11pm last night. Don't know what the

new neighbors think :) Sig .380 still doing the job. I'll miss shooting anytime the urge strikes. 2 of my TVs and my computer died suddenly last Thursday. I am having to use my Tablet Computer, ...

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Script On Pages

There has been this long script on each page making it almost impossible to use site for quite some time. Does anyone know if something is being done?

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Kerry buys the Obama Islamist con, which forces Israel into an existential, defensive corner, preparing for the inevitable attack.. THEN Kerry threatens Israel, by intimating the ultimate Obama ...

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I AM HOPING WE HAVE MORE THAN TWO MEMBERS, AT THIS POINT. IT SEEMS, GS IS GOING DOWN THE TUBES, JUST LIKE THE GOOD OLD USA. TRUMP--I have often wondered what the derivation of this name could be. ...

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As I approach my seventh anniversary on GS, I find myself contemplating my mortality---NOT as related to my health or intellectual capacity--but in relation to looking at the WORLD as though it ...

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by captmax
by daisycutter

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