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by dagger8armory

Chicago Police Dogs

The city of Chicago is retiring all their German Shepard dogs and replacing them with Coon Dogs. They aren't having any trouble with Germans.

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by coppertop


Some Yahoo tried to join gunslot with the user name " fu*k hunters. Hope he gets eaten by a rabid grizzly bear.

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sks parts

I've been looking for an albanian bolt carrier for an sks,has anyone got a lead on a place that may have one?they differ from standard sks charging handle,they have a curved handle rather than the ...

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New weapons for machine gun shoots

I am looking to add a new weapon too my machine gun shoots. I have been throwing around the idea of a fully automatic glock 18 but I am not sure how many people are interested in shooting a fully ...

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I'm back for a visit!!

So how has everyone been?

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Multiple Guns For Sale

I have several weapons for sale. Please see the list below and inquire about the gun you like. The prices are somewhat flexible. I encourage you to make me an offer. Willing to ship guns via FFL ...

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new project

goin to do the paperwork on my new project a r10 build in just a few minutes.like christmas,except its 90+ outside.

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Wards Western Field

Ok guys!! Here's another one. This 1's had me on the internet for countless hours of searching, only to come up empty handed. It may be a worthless cause, because there may be no other models ...

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by jay sedler

ak 47 machine gun shoot

I am excited to say that I have just acquired and customized another full auto ak-47 with an m4 style collapsible stock, quad rails, and flash suppressor for my personal collection. The weather ...

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Top Shot

Anybody see last night's episode? WOW! SWAT challenges? Wouldn't that be great. Rappelling and Breaching? I'm telling you, I would pay to do some of these challenges. Not to give any thing away, ...

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some of you know i was trying to track a guy down for a small claims suit, a found him and won the case yesterday!

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