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In Case You Were Wondering:

In 2010 there were 9 million veterans age 65 and older. That is 9 million guntoting, god fearing, cranky old sonsabitches who will defend this country til their last breath. Stay out of our way ...

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by samD

info about a SKS made by Norinco

My uncle brought this home from Germany and iI am looking for more info on it?

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Runs eat a person, quote the bible post.. or "things not found in Deuteronomy"

I posted a long response to Dave's update about the little guy, and why God let that sort of thing happen.. Screwed up and closed off before it posted.. Laughing as In retrospect that might be ...

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S&w da .45

I have come across a S&W da 45 it is stamped on the top of the barrel smith and wesson springfeild mass, patented dec.17 1901,feb 6 1908, sep 14 1909. on the left side of barrle it is ...

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by CE Flyer

Texas Gun Shop Radio Ad

Yes, folks —this is a real radio ad! Llano, TX. This will make your day…be sure to listen to his closing comments. Yes, Folks....there are still some areas of Texas that practice freedom of speech ...

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Long distance shooting

Hey all again. Just a bit of a random question for everyone tonight. I'm close to being done with my Nuclear Engineering Technology Degree and once I finish I want to take up long distance ...

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A question of trajectory

Here is my question. I have seen several diagrams of bullet trajectory in which the diagram shows bullet rise after leaving the barrel. This doesn't seem logical to me, because after the bullet ...

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Advice from the Gunsmiths, Dealers, and Shop Owners...

Hello again, all. Haven't been on the forums in a few months and I am coming back with a question for all of the gunsmiths, dealers, and gun shop owners out there. My life goal is to own a ...

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by Vaquero

Exactly what is needed to get a licenses to own and carry and shoot

No, this is not about the current and important issue of 'concealed weapon' rights... It's about what is practically required in the USA to have the right to buy a rifle? "An ID" you say. Fine, ...

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Self Sufficiency

I know every one will weigh in with his or her own ideas. But I think this is vitaly important to plan ahead for. God willing we will never need it, but at least you were prepared for ourself and ...

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Just a reminder

The SKS is NOT an assault rifle! A petty distinction, but it irritates me since anti-gunners misuse the term so frequently. That is all.

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Need Help PLease

Guys I was looking at my rear sight on my Universal M1 Carbine and the sight adjusts forward and back as well as left and right. My question is on the forward and back adjustment there are small ...

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Check this site out.

This site has lots of things for everything from ya "K" to M1 Carbines! Awesome stuff! http://ultimak.com/default.htm

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Academy trainingAcademy Training and where it might fall short...

Academy Training seems to be failing Officers in one area which is showing up more often these days. This is just personal opinion so take it for what it is worth (not much)... It seems to me that ...

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RiflingTwist Rate and Barrel length

After reading tallguy's post on the M16 twist rate, I got to thinking about something that has been bothering me for a couple of years now. This is long winded, but please bear with me, because ...

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