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Once a Marine always a Marine

Forum topic: 1 year 36 weeks ago - On their 50th anniversary, a wife found the negligee she wore on her wedding night and put it on. She went to her husband, a retired Marine, and asked, "Honey, do you remember this?" He looked up from his newspaper and said; "Yes ... Read More »

Colt to offer M45 Marine Corp Railgun to Public in 2013

Forum topic: 2 years 2 weeks ago - So, apparently next year, Colt will be offering the same M45 Rail gun that is being supplied to the Marine Corp. It will be handfitted in the Colt custom shop and supplied with a test target that is supposed to be one inch or less grouping and ... Read More »

1911 is back! Marine Force Recon gives Colt new contract

Forum topic: 2 years 18 weeks ago - Colt beat out Springfield and Recon is soon to be well armed. Read More »

Colt 901 - .308 & .223 Gun Review

Forum topic: 2 years 20 weeks ago - Go to this site: Read More »

Colt AR-15

Gun Review: 2 years 35 weeks ago - The AR-15 Is consider the Barbie doll of all the firearms. There are numerous scopes, sights, and optics you can put on a AR-15. You can tailor the firearm to your specific needs. The AR-15 was first built by ArmaLite as a selective fire assault ... Read More »

Peace maker/Widow maker

Forum topic: 3 years 10 weeks ago - wondering if it is worth getting one to shoot or just get a 1911/any 45 auto? Plus getting ammo for 45 long colt? ( some one on net said the a 45 is a 45 LOL. Price for a now a day gun ( the old one's go for ... Read More »

Colt Woodsman .22Colt Woodsman parts

Forum topic: 3 years 27 weeks ago - HELP!!! Someone please help me find a source(S) for parts for a post-war Woodsman 22. The pistol was made in 1955 and has sear issues that make it double-fire and fire when cocking as well. I can not find parts anywhere and would be EXTREMELY ... Read More »

5" 19115" 1911 for Concealed Carry

Forum topic: 3 years 43 weeks ago - I'm not having any luck on my 1911 forum , with the kind of answers i'm looking for so i figured id ask here. (caution I ramble) I'm in the immediate market for a full sized 5" 1911 for concealed carry, If you carry a full sized 1911 please ... Read More »

Ed Brown KobraFirst 1911, but which one?? 1911 Experts, I need help!

Forum topic: 3 years 47 weeks ago - Hey everyone, I need some help. I have never really been into 1911s however, recently they are starting to catch my eye. Mainly because of the Aniversary of 100yrs, but also just because they are an american classic and they just feel natural ... Read More »

Colt Commander CLW .45

Forum topic: 4 years 1 week ago - I'm having some difficult finding some information on a Colt Commander CLW 040XXX . The information that I have read about it refers sometimes as having seven digits in the serial number , or six , like the one I'm interested ... Read More »

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