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Rankings System

The rankings system rewards users for contributing to Guns Lot. You earn a certain amount of points every time you post content, images, videos and other useful content. The more points you have the higher up you will show on the rankings. The user with the most points will be awarded as the President.

Table of rankings and the percent of users assigned to each rank

President1st highest point count
Vice President2nd highest point count
Speaker of the House3rd highest point count
President Pro Temp4th highest point count
Secretary of State5th highest point count
Secretary of the Treasury6th highest point count
Secretary of Defense7th highest point count
Secretary of Homeland Security8th highest point count
General of the Army9th highest point count
General.35% of all users
Lieutenant General.6% of all users
Major General.75% of all users
Brigadier General.8% of all users
Colonel1.5% of all users
Lieutenant Colonel2% of all users
Major2.5% of all users
Captain3% of all users
First Lieutenant3.5% of all users
Second Lieutenant4% of all users
Sergeant Major of the Army4% of all users
Command Sergeant Major3% of all users
Sergeant Major3.5% of all users
First Sergeant5% of all users
Master Sergeant5% of all users
Sergeant First Class5% of all users
Staff Sergeant5% of all users
Sergeant9% of all users
Corporal10% of all users
Private First Class11.5% of all users
Private20% of all users

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