John Browning

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Browning Auto-5 PicsBrowning Auto-5

The Browning Auto-5 was produced by legendary shotgun designer John Browning and was a recoil-operated autoloading shotgun. The shotgun was the first fully successful autoloading shotgun ever produced.

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Winchester 94Winchester 94

The Winchester 94 or more formally the Winchester Model 1894 (also commonly known as Winchester .30-30 rifle, .30-30 Winchester, .30-30 or simply Win 94) is one of the most popular and famous hunting rifles. The Winchester 94 was designed originally by John Browning in 1894, and manufactured and produced at Winchester Repeating Arms Company.

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M1911 Colt PistolColt M1911

The M1911 is a semiautomatic hand chambered, single action weapon designed for the .45 ACP cartridge. It was originally created by John Browning, and was consistently utilized as the standard issue side arm for the entire United States Armed Forces military and law enforcement from 1911 to 1985.

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