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greg az

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Last night Greasypaws posted a pic of his newest weapon a sporterized 03 Springfield. His new rifle appears to be not only beautiful, but a tremendous value as well.. I started to type a reply to our comments about the rifle, and thought no lets do this right..

This weapon is a major part of our history.. Teddy Roosevelt had a hand in its design, led to the one of the most famous cartirges ever the 3006. and deserves this hats off post..My own intrest is based not only on the history of the weapon, but as it happens my brother has been looking for one for sometime to replace the one that was his very first rifle..

As the name implies it was adopted in 03 to replace the Krag-Jorgensen as the official US Army battle rifle. The action is based on the Mauser.. With the exception that they made the Mauser one piece firing pin a two piece unit. The logic was to allow the pin to be repaired on the field, but as i understand it this sorta caused problems as it made the firing pin weaker, and was a fix to a non problem.. This is one of those interesting things about this rifle, and why its always been a favorite..

Teddy Roosevelt got involved durring design (that fact alone makes the weapon and era special) it was to have an integral rod type bayo..Nope Teddy made them put on the bayo lugs, and changed the rear sight.. How cool is that..Can you imagine how all of us would feel if a president today had design input to a weapons system..and of couse he did because by that time old Teddy was a life taker..

The round originaly was not the 06 ..but the design round was never put into production.. At the same time the Germans were devoloping the 154gr round, and we came up with the famous 30.06. The 03 is the first weapon to chamber it . Pretty special huh..

Obviously it saw action in WWI...and also in the Philippines.. The same action that led to the 1911. Of all the battle info ive found over the years, what intrests me the most is that they used the 03 from observation ballons with a 25 round magazine, this was the Pedersen device that allowed them to fire it in semi auto..

I don't know if Greasys rifle is a NRA version that they sold to the public or not, but i do know that most sporterized versions came out of the NRA and into civilian hands.. Obviously a lot of rifles were simpley modified that way as well.. At any rate Greasy my friend you own quite a piece of history..

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Great post greg

thanks for the history lesson.

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