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I bought two Tapco 20 round polymer magazines along with a Tapco T-6 stock. I like the stock, but the spring sucks in the magazines. Is it worth getting some better springs or should I get some different brand of magazines? Possibly metal ones? I still have the old hinged magazine as well. Let me know what you think.

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8 years 17 weeks ago, 2:56 PM


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I would

just try different mags if you don't like tapco's. I like their AK mags

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8 years 15 weeks ago, 1:36 AM



put the 10 round factory mag back in then get a bunch of stripper clips and have no worries!aftermarket mags for the SKS suck!i have tried quite a few and they all suck so i keep the factory mag in and use stripper clips!works every time!

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